El Paso Metro Weekly Byte: November 20, 2001

Welcome to El Paso Metro’s week in review. This section is updated every Tuesday night.

City Council Review

  • Cathedral alumni put up $1,000 to encourage matching funds to support the capture of the abductor of a child over the weekend.  The child was found murdered in central El Paso.
  • Passed a resolution to sell $34 mm. of Certificates of Obligation for fire trucks, police cars and purchase of railroad property to be used for Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Center;
  • Agreed with Jobe to landscape medians near Mckelligan Canyon.
  • No action on lawsuit proposed by Dan Power against the County;
  • Approved rezoning of a home to a doctor’s office in District #7;
  • Approved awarding of contract to Silverton Construction after it threatened a lawsuit;
  • Postponed approval of indigent permit for US Marine Corps to raise money and toys for indigent children;
  • Agreed to continue charging sales tax on rental cars for personal use;
  • Will consider a resolution in two weeks for the sale of over $100 mm. in bonds for the Public Service Board.

Other news

  • The number of visitors crossing the border from Juarez into El Paso has decreased 24%;
  • Alexandra Flores, 5, was found murdered in central El Paso.  She was abducted at a lower valley Walmart;
  • Valerie Provencio and Jaclyn Rodriguez were killed when they ran a red light.  They were apparently chasing after their friends;
  • For the 13th straight month, the national productivity is down.  Economic forecasters predict recessionary trend will continue into 2003.

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