El Paso Metro Weekly Byte: December 18, 2001

Welcome to El Paso Metro’s week in review. This section is updated every Tuesday night.

City Council Review

  • Approved the sixth amendment to the original contract to give John Houser, artist, more time to finish Juan de Oñate statue;
  • Various groups have suggested placing the statue on I-10 just north of Trans Mountain Road.
  • Approved the downtown Tax Increment Finance District (TIF) #2; Postponed TIF #3 to allow for consultation with EPISD;
  • Approved a recommendation to rename Sherman Tiger Eye Park to Jorge Montalvo Park;
  • Approved $88 million dollars in bonds requested by the Public Service Board;
  • Approved a contract with Patriots for use of the soccer field for one year;
  • Deleted motion by Dan Power to sue County to force it to fund the Convention and Tourism Bureau;
  • Postponed bike lane approval on Piedras pending a public meeting; Approved inter-local agreement with County for funding of an animal control facility.

Other news

  • Anti-tax advocates are said to be shy 2,000 signatures with a few days left before the tax rollback deadline (28,000 and need to reach 30,250);
  • EPISD is unhappy with the City’s proposed Tax Increment Finance District proposal;
  • Commissioner Carlos Aguilar called for more consultations among the different taxing entities;
  • Republican slate rumored to be getting ready to challenge Democrats include Presi Ortega, Joe Wardy and Ruben Guerra;
  • Jerome Tilghman announced his candidacy for County Judge.  He will challenge Dolores Briones in the primary;
  • Congressman Silvestre Reyes announced his reelection bid citing the need for “continuity” in representation in light of the Afghanistan war;
  • Al Jefferson has decided to “leave politics to the professional politicians” and asked that all speculation regarding a possible run against Elliot Shapleigh cease.

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