El Paso Tribune Archive

Let Your Voice be Heard

Author: Karen Slaton

Tomorrow each and everyone of us could be contributors to a significant chapter inhistory.  We could raise our collective voices to right wrongs.  We could say, “Enough is enough!” to corruption and violence.  We could improve education and we could strongly support our state and our nation.  We could…but most of us won’t.

“Why?” one may ask.  The answer is very simple.  Most of us, although we may be registered, will not take the time to vote.  As insignificant as the act of  voting seems, it is one of the most powerful tools each of us possesses.  A vote is our voice, our choice, our right.  It is also our responsibility.

Millions have died to preserve that right…soldiers, the oppressed, the poor, and members from every ethnic background.  Yet most of us have forgotten that the price has many times been paid in blood.  And we respond to that price with apathy.

The words echo throughout this country.  “My vote doesn’t really count.  I’m only one vote.  If my spouse votes opposite me, we cancel each other out.  The election’s fixed anyway.  I’m tired.  I’m too busy.  It’s too hot (cold).”  The excuses are as numerous as the individuals who ignore their civic duty.

Tomorrow, your vote will count.  Texas and New Mexico citizens have the opportunity to make a difference, but you have to use what has been earned for you by those who have gone before you.  Raise your voices.  VOTE!

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