Arditti defense files court motion asking for impartiality: El Paso News to cover

The El Paso News Organization ( will be covering the Judge Arditti trial from opening statements until the verdict is read. Our reporter will be providing quick updates throughout the day and complete in-depth coverage at the end of each day.

The trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 2, 2011. Don’t forget to check back frequently for updates.

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, Arditti’s defense attorneys filed a motion asking that the judge in the case remain impartial throughout the hearings. The motion asks the judge to:

“to not rule on any defense motions unless said motions are fully read, understood, studied and carefully considered”,

“set aside the adequate and appropriate amount of time necessary to preside over this case and to give this case the full attention it deserves”,

“to not rush and/or hurry along the defense during the trial of this case but to allow the defense adequate and appropriate time to try this case and to defend their client”,

As of press time the judge has not ruled on the motion. Stay tuned to the El Paso News for full coverage of the case.

Read the Motion: TX vs Arditti Motion April 21, 2011

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