Email Disclosure Back on Agenda

Information AlertAccording to the city council agenda for Tuesday August 6, 2013, the city representatives are expected to discuss the city’s lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Discussion item EX-5, under the Executive Session portion was put on by the city attorney’s office.

Although there is no back up material or more information on this item, it is expected that the city representatives will receive a report from the city attorney’s office on how to end the lawsuit withholding the personal emails requested by Stephanie Townsend Allala. On July 16, 2013, city representatives directed the city attorney’s office to bring closure to the lawsuit.

Because of possible criminal and other penalties to sitting and former city representatives the city attorney’s office asked for and received three weeks to bring the matter to a close. Next Tuesday’s action is expected to result in the closure of the lawsuit and the eventual release of the emails.

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