David Karlsruher Makes My Point About the Local Media

Of all the people that read my blog, it is David Karlsruher that finally made me understand why the local media is such a disaster. We have all figured out why the management types at the local media allow mediocrity, or in the case of the El Paso Times masquerading as a newspaper outright create propaganda for the horde, in their news stories and it has everything to do with who pays the bills. However that does not explain the attitude of most media personalities in the local media scene. That is until I read David’s blog on October 11 when he was commenting about my blog on how the English media is quick to proclaim themselves “first” to break the news.

I know I know what you are all thinking, what! Martín agrees with David on something? Not so fast, David actually makes my point by trying to make it look like I have no clue about El Paso politics.

First David tries to create the ridiculous assertion that Joyce Wilson submitting a letter of resignation wasn’t breaking news. I don’t blame David as he is just following the illusion the English media was trying to create after I pointed out their failure. An El Paso Times reporter actually wrote on my El Paso News Facebook page that the city manager submitting a letter of resignation wasn’t breaking news.

Never mind that as I pointed out, the El Paso Times was feverishly trying to get confirmation from city officials well into the night, although according to some of its supporters, including David it wasn’t “breaking news” at all. The truth is the first thing dispensed by useful idiots.

David Karlsruher goes on to write that the news doesn’t “lead with a Twitter post”.

Sometimes I have to wonder if David actually reads what he writes or he just takes the email sent to him and posts it on his blog. Rather, I believe David writes, as his handlers ask him to in order to create an illusion regardless of what the truth is.

He asserts that the news doesn’t “lead with a Twitter post” knowing full well that Twitter is a vehicle and as such it is just another outlet for the news media, like video. I can’t believe that in his insulated world David hasn’t noticed the transformation of the news media lately. For example the television news outlets now regularly post write-ups about the day’s news on their websites while the local paper now includes video for some of their stories. Video and write-ups are vehicles just like Twitter. And regardless of where David is in his made-up world even he can’t deny that the news media trips all over itself proclaiming they were the first to break the latest news event.

However, I know he knows this but unfortunately for him the truth is sometimes an inconvenience and thus he does what all useful idiots do, ignore the truth.

David goes on to pretend that the local news media hasn’t ever broken into programming to break news with ticker ribbons or flashing announcements or commercials saying “see what’s coming later in the newscast”.

Ask any woman who is enthralled with the latest Kardashian drama queen breakdown or the latest bachelor/bachelorette segment if the news ever breaks into programming to run breaking news. I bet he’d get an earful!

In know, I know get to the point Martín.

David goes on to write that “Karla [Guevara] Walton is the key”. And he is right except for a very different reason than that he wrote.

Karla is the key because she does what a respectable news media personality is supposed to do; develop sources and chase a story.

Instead, David Karlsruher would have you believe that the news media’s job is to wait for the city to give it permission to run with a story. In other words, wait for the government to issue you a press release to report.

David writes; “I have confirmed that city council members were told late Wednesday afternoon that a press conference would be held Thursday morning to announce the resignation.”

Clearly and without any qualms David is stating that the news media just needs to wait until the city gives it permission to write a story.

And this is precisely what is wrong with the El Paso news media. You have two types of media outlets in El Paso. Some are just plain incompetent because of the lack of funds and the others are just acting as mouth pieces for those who write the advertising checks.

As with anything I shouldn’t and I won’t paint everyone with a broad stroke and therefore I know that there are a few news reporters, including Guevara Walton that are true to their profession and chase the story. There are, however, many more that believe what David Karlsruher is writing and that they shouldn’t chase a story down, but rather they sit on their collective asses waiting until given permission to report on it.

All sources of news have their own biases and agendas for collaborating with a news reporter. It is the job of the reporter to cultivate the news sources, vet the information given to them and chase down the details to inform the community about important things such as the city’s controversial city manager submitting a letter of resignation.

Therefore, David, gracias for making my point for me, it really made today’s post one of the easiest ones I have ever posted.