Niland’s Childish Behavior Forces Changes at City Council

By now most of you have heard that there was some type of altercation in the city council chambers last Tuesday, October 29, 2013. Because of the local media’s incompetence we don’t know much however I can tell you that it involved Lily Limon and Cortney Niland.

According to the various accounts I have heard the altercation took place during the “Call to the Public” portion of the agenda. During the time that Lisa Turner was speaking, allegedly Cortney Niland kept blurting out “call the question” several times interrupting Turner’s presentation. In response to Niland’s rudeness, Lily Limon touched Cortney Niland on the arm.

The way it was described to me is that Limon touched Niland somewhere between the shoulder and the elbow while asking her to be “respectful” of the speaker. At this point allegedly Cortney Niland raised her voice stating that the touch was an “assault” and that she couldn’t continue to work in “this hostile environment”. Allegedly Niland added she couldn’t continue to work “under those conditions”.

Other comments have been attributed to Cortney Niland however at this point I have not received confirmation from more than one source therefore I’ll not share them with you at this time.

However, we also know that the LRC meeting scheduled for after the city council meeting was abruptly cancelled after the incident. What I have been told is that it was cancelled because of the “tension” in the room.

I have also heard that today’s city council will have musical chairs for the first time ever. It is my understanding that Cortney Niland is being moved next to, or in the vicinity of Ann Morgan Lilly because according to what I have heard Niland has threatened to file criminal charges against Lily Limon if she is not separated from her.

I hope the irony of an elected official claiming to have been “assaulted” sitting in the vicinity of another elected official who is currently being investigated for some type of assault isn’t lost in you. A swear I just couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

I do know that some type of event happened at the city council meeting between Lily Limon and Cortney Niland. What I do not know is to what extent.

However consider the following, if in fact this morning Niland is not seated at her normal seat, or other city representatives have moved then what can you derive from that considering what we do know?

If Cortney Niland in fact has grounds to file criminal charges then why hasn’t she done so yet? If the city councils’ shuffling chairs are related to Niland’s threat to file criminal charges then isn’t Cortney Niland interfering with the political process, by threatening legal repercussions against another elected official if Niland doesn’t get her way?

Let that one sink in for a moment.

Second, doesn’t Cortney Niland, as an elected official, have a duty to report any wrongdoing by any other city representative regardless of the ramifications? As an elected official she should lead by example and file a police report if wrongdoing was in fact committed in her presence.

Of course filing false police reports is in itself a criminal offense.

Or, is Cortney Niland just using the threat of filing charges to force action from an elected official or officials?

Either way, in my opinion both scenarios are corrupt one way or another. What do you all think?