Gross, Disgusting and Disrespectful

Gross, disgusting and disrespectful are the comments I got when I showed friends the picture of Cortney Niland shoeless at a recent city council meeting. “No one wants to smell her stinky feet” was the common comment I got from various people. Of course, this is not as simple as being shoeless. This is about more than representing the city’s constituency bare-footed, it is about respect and professionalism that, as evidenced by the picture, it looks like Cortney Niland lacks.

Look closely at the picture and notice Courtney Niland’s lack of shoes, and thus respect and decorum for the taxpayers’ of the community.

Many comments have been attributed to Cortney Niland plainly showcasing her disregard and disrespect for the majority of the constituency that she purports to represent. Although her public votes seem to show her disdain for the electorate her outbursts are carefully kept behind the fake facade of I’m “not airing our dirty laundry in public” however her actions betray her true nature.

For a recent example of her condescending and disrespectful demeanor take a look at my blog; “Niland’s Childish Behavior Forces Changes at City Council”.

Unfortunately a person’s lack of class and disrespect for the citizens cannot be kept under wraps for long because no matter how much lipstick you put on an individual such as Niland the essence of her core eventually oozes out for everyone to see.

Imagine having to sit next to someone with such utter lack of class that she thinks her lack of footwear isn’t offensive to the rest?

As you think about that consider her request in that context to the Mayor to be moved.

Niland has been spending a lot of time showboating to the cameras but under the façade put forth by her, her true nature emerges clearly for everyone to see.

Shoeless Cortney Niland amply demonstrates her lack of respect for her co-elected officials, the city’s employees that come before her and more importantly the citizens that come to be heard before their elected representatives.