The Idiot in Useful Idiots: The MaxPower Story

El Paso News GraphicThere is a reason why “idiots” is part of the phrase: useful idiots. It is because although “useful” they are also idiots. MaxPowers epitomizes useful idiots because although he considers himself intelligent and even witty he is nothing more than a thug serving his masters. The thing about liars is that eventually the truth leaks out.

Many years ago, I had to read one of the most boring texts ever. What made it even worse is that it was originally written in English and the version I was reading was a Spanish translation that was hurriedly translated, although professionally it was an obvious translation that made it even more difficult to read. I hated the fact that I was having to read it and never thought I would actually use what I read. Truth be told, I probably remember less than 2% of what I read. It was a compilation of about five to six manuals, each on a different topic related to counter-insurgency.

I don’t remember exactly in which section I read about detecting when someone is lying, it could have been in “Manejo de Fuente” or “Interrogación”. (Handling a Source, or Interrogation) However, it is likely it was in the latter. I remember reading that individuals hiding something will go into attack mode as soon as they feel like they are about to be exposed. I’m sure most of you know that those who are lying get defensive when questioned. People who are not hiding something plainly come out and state so.

I know that everyone in politics has an agenda, as it is the nature of the beast. Politics brings out the worst in all of us. Then there are those who are just plain idiots. MaxPowers thinks he was being clever by registering his domain name through GoDaddy’s proxy back on January 2013.

What he forgot is that GoDaddy is in the business of making money not hiding his identity. He thought he was a secret when, in fact, he was just another $6.00 a year to GoDaddy. He further thought that he was safely anonymous setting up his blog at Typepad.

That was mistake number two as by default TypePad uses Google Analytics (UA-225723) to internally track traffic to their blogs. Guess what? It’s about making money for TypePad so the analytics tracker is a wealth of information. Even better was the information TypePad revealed to me when I contacted them for information on him. Again, for TypePad it’s not about keeping secrets it is about one blogger worth a few pennies a day among thousands of others.

As clever as he thinks he is, the anonymous blogger is just stupid enough to think that he can keep himself anonymous.

However, it was his own stupidity that ultimately exposed him. Last week, when I started writing about The Forma Group, I mentioned that I was about to reveal an anonymous blogger to you. No sooner had I finished posting that article that MaxPowers reacted as all liars do, he went into full-attack and defense mode all in one. Two classic reactions by liars when they feel they are about to be exposed.

Two things were happening at the same time, one was that I was exposing The Forma Group for what it was and I dropped a hint that I was about to expose a blogger. I did not mention who the blogger was; I just wrote that I was writing a piece on exposing him.

Fearing exposure, MaxPowers immediately goes on the defensive writing that he is not working for Forma and at the same time goes on to attack me. However, intelligence can’t be used to define him so he attempts to mask his insecurity by taking one sentence from my blog “bribes disguised as campaign contributions” to try to discredit me. However, another blogger, and a newspaper reporter had to point out to him that in fact that statement had been used to describe the El Paso corruption.

Although I had been aware of the blog for the most part I ignored it because of how sexually crude it is, in fact it borders on being a creep show for sexually unstable individuals. However, I started paying attention to his postings when he and David Karlsruher teamed up with The Texas Tribune to attempt to discredit Stephanie Townsend Allala. You can read more about that on my post “How Useful Idiots Manipulate Public Perception: Case Study David Karlsruher and MaxPowers”.

As I read the posts, as revolting as they are I noticed a common theme, besides the sexual instability expressed by the author, it was that it targeted certain individuals, some to prop up and others to destroy. Among the posts, some promoting candidates that are paying The Forma Group and the others attempting to destroy those that oppose the paying clients, one individual stood out for me. It was Mary Gonzalez.

At first it seemed like the blogger has some sort of crude sexual fixation on Mary Gonzalez and then I realized something. Looking through the financial disclosures of The Forma Group it became evident that much of the money comes from Texans For Lawsuit Reform (TLR) related coffers.

Generally opposing the TLR is Annie’s List who contributed heavily into Mary Gonzalez’ campaign in 2011 and thus it started to become obvious to me who MaxPowers was serving. Taking a look at the posts, it quickly became even more evident that the blogger was a base from which to generate attack pieces to benefit Forma paying customers.

Today’s biggest targets of the bloggers’ viciousness are those candidates opposing the paying candidates Naomi Gonzalez and Marisa Marquez. Anyone challenging a paying client becomes a target. Many of you probably noticed that Norma Chavez was a onetime paying customer of The Forma Group and now she’s one of the politicians that the blogger attacks.

Remember how I pointed out to you in last week’s post how Naomi Gonzalez became a Forma client almost immediately after Chavez lost to her. Prior to that Ricardo Armendariz was touting Norma Chavez. As soon as she wasn’t a client of his and it became apparent that she threatened Gonzalez’ seat the blogger was dispatched to dress her down.

Likewise, the attempt by the blogger to discredit Stephanie Townsend Allala had everything to do with Steve Ortega’s campaign; he was a Forma client and everything to do with keeping the sweetheart baseball stadium on track. Remember that Woody Hunt funded The Forma Group through political contributions.

Even his Thursday, January 23, 2014 post further exposes The Forma connection. The blogger writes about the El Paso Times endorsements for House District 76. In it, he writes that Cesar Blanco is likely to get the paper’s endorsement. He argues that Norma Chavez is unlikely to get it and he acknowledges that Forma’s client, Naomi Gonzalez, is unlikely to get it because of her arrest. Therefore, he needs to limit the political fallout by creating a whisper campaign that it’s all good and it was expected. It is just another attempt to prop up Forma’s candidate and diminish the challenger.

The fact is that many individuals privately told me that MaxPowers was Ricardo Armendariz of The Forma Group a long time ago. In fact, he has been called out by name on at least two comments that I have seen on his own blog.

As anonymous as MaxPowers has been trying to be the fact is that he himself has identified himself through his own stupidity and ineptitude. There is a reason why “idiot” is part of the useful idiots phrase.

A note on anonymity

Personally, I believe in the freedom of speech and the ability to express oneself without the fear of retaliation in the form of violence or interference in the professional or private life of the person expressing themselves. In El Paso where corruption is the rule rather than the exception, I understand why certain bloggers prefer to remain anonymous, out of fear. There are anonymous bloggers that I read and I have no inclination to find out who they are because they express an opinion about an issue normally with intelligence and thought. I may not agree with them but their blog posts are reasoned arguments intended to express a position.

In the case of the MaxPowers character, I felt it important to expose him because of his hypocrisy especially when I realized he was nothing more than a tool for The Forma Group. He is nothing more than a vehicle for creating under-current negative whisper campaigns needed by The Forma Group to manipulate an election. For that reason, he needed to be exposed. I’m sure some woman who he has targeted are also happy he’s been exposed, for the creep that he is.