Barrio Aztecas and the Safest City Lie

barrio_azteca_bloodMany of you still believe the lie being perpetuated by the community’s elite that El Paso is the safest city in the nation. Although I have already pointed out that the FBI discourages the use of their data to rank cities and that other news outlets have pointed out the fallacy of the rankings the local city leadership still continue to perpetuate the lie. I realize that it is easier to believe the lie then to accept the sobering truth of the reality. However a lie cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged and therefore I will continue to point it out when evidence surfaces to prove it as a lie.

There is an ongoing court case involving the Barrio Aztecas and the murder of two El Pasoans in Juárez. The irony of a trial being held in El Paso for a crime that hasn’t been accounted for in the data used to generate the city rankings isn’t lost in me. Generally a crime is prosecuted in the jurisdiction it was committed at. Except for politically motivated extra-jurisdictional cases tried by US and Spanish judges most cases are tried based on a crime committed within the jurisdiction.

I would like for someone to point out to me where the El Paso police agencies reported the homicides of the two El Pasoans in Juárez being tried in court currently. If not homicides then what crimes are being tried in federal court? Which crimes were allegedly committed in El Paso and how are they accounted for in the data submitted to the FBI that is then used to rank the communities?

Even ignoring this inconvenient fact there are numerous other pieces of evidence that do not support the notion that El Paso is the safest city in the nation.

Take the Barrio Aztecas, for example. Everyone agrees that the Barrio Aztecas were formed in El Paso in the early 1980’s. They have been labeled as one of the most dangerous multinational criminal organizations in the US. Consider that for a moment, as far as all of the information known in the public realm the Aztecas continue to base their operations in El Paso and Juárez.

How is it that a violent multinational criminal organization operates in the safest city in the nation?

The ongoing trial offers us even more nuggets of information that should be considered in the context of the safest city in the nation.

According to the testimony so far one of the gang’s former members is related to Vicente Carrillo Fuentes. Considering that this is a gang based in El Paso and not Cd. Juárez, then consider the implications of a familial relationship between one of the most violent drug dealers in the world and a Barrio Azteca member.

Additionally, during testimony in the case looking into the conspiracy to kill Arthur and Lesley Redelfs it was disclosed that the Barrio Aztecas went from being a prison gang to actively participating in the Drug War in Juárez around 2007. Keep in mind that many members of the gang are US citizens who live in El Paso. They are also actively involved in drug trafficking and murder among other things.

Again, I ask how is it that they make their home in the safest city in the nation.

For those that argue that what happens in Juárez is outside of El Paso jurisdiction and therefore has nothing to do with El Paso I would ask them to explain under what jurisdictional theory the current trial is being conducted, if not for a crime committed in El Paso?

Either El Paso has jurisdiction or it does not. It can’t be both ways. If El Paso can assert jurisdiction then the crimes need to be documented and accounted for. More importantly this is but one example of cross-border crime that the El Paso leadership loves to gloss over hoping no one will notice.

One of the witnesses has testified that it took him “two daysto count $11.8 million in drug trafficking proceeds. That is illicit money in El Paso and only one example.

Now ask yourself how many more drug proceeds are floating around El Paso that it takes two days to count? One, two, three or more examples?

Even better, as you drive around El Paso, take a moment to notice how many clubs and restaurants are in brand-new, mostly empty strip malls in a city where politicians constantly bemoan that industry is hard to attract into the community and everyone is heavily taxed. Why is it that there is monetary pressure upon the citizenry, high unemployment yet there are numerous clubs, restaurants and strip malls being built all of the time?

Some of it can be explained by the Mexican economy crossing over but not all of it.

Another witness has testified how the prison-based gang was trafficking in weapons to Mexico. In other words, weapons trafficking were going through El Paso, some of which have been prosecuted and the question I still have is where are those statistics documented in the criminal data given to the FBI?

And, how are weapons trafficking through El Paso possible in the safest city in the nation?

Another Barrio Azteca member has testified that he received paramilitary training from the Zetas. He also has testified that he was responsible for at least 800 murders, although he stopped counting after that. That is one member of the Barrio Azteca gang which is comprised of between 3,000 to 8,000 members in various cities in the US and Mexico. Remember that the gang hails from El Paso and is predominantly present in El Paso.

A member of the gang testifies that he is singularly responsible for at least 800 murders and he lives in the safest city in the nation? How anyone can reconcile that is beyond me!