The El Paso Chusmas

As the El Paso Chihuahuas are the talk of the town even though the rampant corruption in the city continues unabated, I thought it appropriate that I introduce you to the El Paso Chusmas. Chusma, as used in Mexico, is a term used the well-to-do when they discuss the poor of the community.

It is vulgar term used by the wealthy when they sit around in their high-falutin taxpayer funded palace as they discuss the riffraff in their midst. To them, the taxpayers are just a means to fund their playgrounds and therefore they are just the masses to use when needed.

As I thought about everything that transpired from the moment the Ray Caballero cabal starting floating about the idea of a public policy agenda funded by the taxpayers, through the demolition of city hall and on through the unveiling of the El Paso Chihuahuas and everything that brought to the surface, I couldn’t help the imagery of a rat that popped in my mind.

The more I thought about it the more the rat seemed appropriate mascot for those who use the taxpayers for their own selfish needs.

Therefore, in homage to the El Paso Chihuahuas I introduce to you the El Paso Chusmas. In the coming months I will be exposing each chusma and how they connect to the ongoing destruction of the El Paso taxpayer.


The El Paso Chusmas

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