Serving Master: Morgan-Lilly, Niland and Noe

lilly-niland-noe-linclncntrThe problem with serving a master is that eventually the truth reveals itself no matter how much someone tries to keep it a secret. Ann Morgan Lilly, Cortney Niland and Michiel Noe revealed the masters they are serving during the city’s emergency meeting last week to stop the demolition of the Lincoln Center.

As you remember, the city called an emergency meeting on May 20 to discuss filing an injunction to stop the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) from demolishing the Lincoln Center building.

However, you may personally feel about the demolition of the building you should expect that your city representatives is present to represent you at city council, especially when the mayor has called an emergency meeting.

It is especially telling when the Anglo contingent is missing from a racially charged issue, especially an emergency meeting. So where were they?

Let’s examine the evidence.

During election time, politicians always argue that they will represent your interests full-time. During the last debates about increasing the city representatives’ salary, the argument was made that city representatives work full time.

On May 20, city council held a regularly scheduled meeting in which they made one of the most important appointments they can make; they hired the city’s next city manager. Everyone knew a head of time that the meeting may last well into the afternoon, especially after the controversy about holding an emergency meeting on Monday about whether the legal work given to council was proper or not.

In other words and by common sense, the city representatives should have at the very least expected to work late into the afternoon. There is just no excuse for missing a city emergency meeting later that afternoon.

Except, may be if the meeting would have put Ann Morgan Lilly, Cortney Niland and Michiel Noe in the position of clearly having to vote for the needs of their master.

The horde, as in Woody Hunt and Paul Foster, embodied in Ted Houghton clearly wants the Lincoln Building gone as part of their gentrification of El Paso. The gentrification of El Paso has been the public policy since the Ray Caballero disciples took control of it.

Had Morgan Lilly, Niland and Noe being forced to vote during the emergency meeting they would have angered the constituency or their masters; Foster and Hunt. Had they voted not to direct the city attorney’s office to file the injunction they would have had to explain themselves to the voters during their next campaign.

On the other hand, had they voted to move forward on the injunction being placed their masters’ carefully placed façade of “it’s all good El Paso” would have developed more cracks as their fantasy would continue to erode. The horde could not afford that.

That left only one option for them, claim they were too busy to attend the emergency meeting and therefore they are not on the record one way or another on the Lincoln Center issue.

In other words, the master they are serving is not you and therefore they abdicated their responsibility to the voters. This is true regardless if their constituency is for, or against the spending of taxpayer monies to keep the building. They failed every voter that put them in office regardless of how you individually feel about the Lincoln Center.

That is the inconvenient truth many will ignore.

As an aside, I would not be surprised at all to get a legal notice from one of their attorneys, or all three of them for daring to superimpose their images on top of an obviously ethnic background. Stay tuned.