The Hypocrisy of Veronica Escobar

100tocriminalYesterday I wrote about the driving force of hypocrisy in my writings and the day before I pointed out Jaime Abeytia’s criminal record. Today I want to share with you just one example, of many, that poignantly shows the hypocrisy in El Paso politics. Hypocrisy: nounclaiming to hold moral standards that one does not possess. Veronica Escobar has been active in the political limelight since about 2000 and leading the public policy agenda that has severely damaged El Paso’s economy well into the future.

Veronica Escobar was politically incubated by Ray Caballero. She is a protégé of Eliot Shapleigh and is now a leader in the political faction that believes that El Paso’s future lies in bankrupting the taxpayers through an utopian reinvention of the city. Back in 2000, Ray Caballero created the political illusion that he had ridden in on a white horse to save the city from itself. Caballero, with taxpayer supported Veronica Escobar embarked on a public policy agenda that today is crowned by the taxpayer scam of the ballpark fiasco. The cornerstone of the political rhetoric from this group is that they abhor corruption.

That is their public mantra however the reality is another thing altogether.

I have been documenting their many questionable practices over the years. My blog’s archives are full of them. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world not to mention that El Paso taxpayers are barely keeping afloat because of the irresponsible tax policies placed upon them, the public discussion is often distorted by well-placed propaganda that hides the reality for the community. Taxpayers have little time to dissect the truth from the propaganda and thus news-bytes delivered at the speed of tweets and wall posts is what drives the public perception.

To pierce through the propaganda fog we must rely on a short poignant example of the hypocrisy that drives the “progressive” politicians. To peel away the façade and expose the sleaze at the core we must look at the unvarnished facts. The most poignant fact is clear and unchallengeable.

Veronica Escobar continually and habitually proclaims that her moral compass is what is needed in El Paso politics. She continually tells the voters that it is she that has the morality to lead El Paso well into the future. So, let’s examine that.

There is no question that Jaime Abeytia is a criminal. The record is clear and unequivocal.

As a matter of fact, Abeytia’s criminal record goes back as far as 1999 and is constant up through his guilty plea a few days ago. The criminal record has been open and discussed for many years and yet certain politicians, including Veronica Escobar continually relied on him for their political activities. As a matter of fact, when Abeytia’s latest criminal charge was made public he was being paid at taxpayer expense while he gamed the court system to delay the eventual guilty plea he submitted a few days ago. Vince Perez, an Escobar protégé, not only used Jaime Abeytia for his political campaign but he turned around and put him on the County’s payroll as soon as he took office.

For her part, Veronica Escobar, and herein lies the hypocrisy, quietly stood by and let the charade of taxpayer funds being paid to Abeytia go unchallenged. Hypocritically Escobar, at her State of the County address on Wednesday, listed as one of her achievements the curtailing of public corruption at the county even though she knew of Abeytia’s criminal travails and his taxpayer-funded paycheck and did nothing to put an end to that farce.

On one hand, Veronica Escobar states that she is against public corruption while on the other hand she silently stands by while a criminal is drawing a paycheck paid for by the taxpayers. As if that was not enough, Escobar talks about saving taxpayer monies all the while Abeytia received close to $100,000 in taxpayer monies.

Hypocrisy at its most poignant.