Murder-Suicide on January 6 Further Exposes Safest City Lie

ep-pigYesterday’s alleged murder-suicide further exposes the city’s lie about the safest city in the nation. A lie that continues to be perpetuated by El Paso leaders in its continued attempt to put lipstick on the pig that is El Paso. It is a lie that was repeated at yesterday’s city council meeting by Larry Romero. Although we have few details about what actually transpired yesterday and there are even some discrepancies as to where the crime was committed, I have enough information to show you how this event will become part of the lie.

Look closely at who is the lead investigative agency is. It is the FBI. The reason, according to the news media, is that it happened on federal property. This is exactly the reason why the crime will play a part on the safest city lie.

I have argued before that the data about crime used to create the lie is based on a data set that its authors have repeatedly stated should not be used for ranking city crime statistics. You might remember from my blog post “The Safest City in the Nation, Just Another Lie” that I pointed out two very specific points about the designation. One was that the raw data set itself admonishes against using it for ranking cities.

The next issue is that the original data set is derived from data “voluntarily” submitted by the local police agencies. In other words, the data submitted by El Paso is data selected by the same police agencies that heavily and continually tout the lie of the safest city in the nation.

What does all this have to do with yesterday’s unfortunately events?

Simple, when it comes time to submit the latest crime data to the FBI, yesterday’s alleged murder-suicide is unlikely to be included. Why? This is because the city’s police will argue that it is not an El Paso crime because it was committed on federal property – Fort Bliss.

I’m sure some of you will argue that I can’t make that statement before the investigation has been conclude and before the data is actually submitted. However, there have been numerous crimes that have been tried in El Paso courts that were actually committed in Cd. Juárez. There have also been indications of crimes such as murder and kidnappings related to drug cartel activities that have not been quantified in El Paso because the bodies were discovered in Cd. Juárez. No one in authority wants to discuss these inconvenient facts because it will only further expose the lie.

I already know how this latest crime will be reported but I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it when the next set of data set is released. In the meantime, the El Paso leadership will continue to lie about El Paso in the mistaken belief that no one is noticing.