Support Charlie Hebdo Victims

blogpostWhether you agree with the expression or not there is no place for censorship anywhere in the world. The murders of the Charlie Hebdo employees should not be tolerated. Censorship has no place in the world. Violence to control a message has no place in a civilized society. We need to stand up and let terrorists know that their attempt to silence anyone is unacceptable and intolerable.

I have made these social media graphics for anyone to use on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. I am putting in the public domain and anyone is free to use them as they like.

Feel free to share them.

Violent censorship is especially insidious and it must be stopped.

We are all Charlie Hebdo!


Charlie Hebdo Projectiam-twtr




Charlie Hebdo Project




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  1. Just don’t criticize the cartels on Facebook in Juarez or risk becoming a meat ornament on an overpass. Vive la France. Fuck Mexico.


  2. I am not Charlie Hebdo. Many of the caricatures they produced are very offensive. That said, I denounce the murder of those who worked for the Charlie Hebdo publication. Those who carried out this violent act of censorship should be brought to justice!


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