Michiel Noe Wants to Appoint Criminal

corrupt-jafeb15Let’s not mince words here, Jaime Abeytia is a criminal. As such, please don’t bother with the threats of defamation and libel suits that follow each time I point out he is a criminal. In October 2014, Abeytia pleaded guilty to his latest crime. He is currently on probation hoping to complete it in order to get his latest crime erased under an adjudication court scam. That he is not in jail only demonstrates how the city’s political class protects the useful idiots that serve them.

I am not writing about a person who made a mistake and asked for redemption. I am writing about a person who has been accused and pleaded guilty to various crimes, ranging from misdemeanors on up to felonies. In 2007, Abeytia was placed on deferred adjudication on a 2004 case of “computer security breach.” This is one of at least seven other crimes we know that Jaime Abeytia has been charged with or investigated.

Of course you probably know that Abeytia still has an outstanding arrest warrant out for him in Maricopa County, according to the county’s website, as of today.

However, in a corrupt-laden city like El Paso the appointment of a criminal to a city board should come as no surprise to anyone.

Yes, that’s right, on Tuesday’s city council agenda there is an item by Michiel Noe to appoint Jaime Abeytia to the Hispanic Cultural Center Subcommittee. (Agenda item no: 5.6)

As I shared with you in “Notice Who Was Absent on the Cultural Center Discussion” and “The Cultural Center Isn’t For Mexicansthe fix is in for the cultural center.

Today, I offer you the latest proof of this.

Placing a useful idiot ensures that the sub-committee does not grow too independent. Noe’s proposed appointment of Abeytia ensures that the useful idiot helps Michiel Noe with his May election.

Only in a corrupt city does a criminal get appointed to a city board.