US Security Issues Are Not On The US-Mexico Border

isis-not-mexicoNotwithstanding the political grandstanding by the Texas Republicans about the need to deploy troops to the US-Mexico border to protect the country, the fact remains that the border is not the security problems the US currently faces. As a matter of fact, the US-Mexico border has not been a source of terrorism in the United States. I realize that many of you reading this are either fuming ready to explode or have already stopped reading. Unfortunately, the facts are distorted for political expedience, leaving me no other choice but to point out regularly the lies so that the political rhetoric doesn’t drive the public agenda.

Anyone would readily agree that the biggest and most serious domestic and international issue is the ISIS terrorists. Notice I wrote “domestic” and “international” because the fact is that the threat of ISIS affects both domestic and international agendas in the US. Each day the threat looms larger and more dangerous and each day the Republicans in Congress and the Texas leadership distorts the truth for their political agendas.

I have already dispelled the myth that the drug cartels were ever a serious border issue, even at the height of the drug wars in Mexico. I have previously showed you that to date there has not been a single documented instance of an Islamic terrorist using the US-Mexico border to enter the US or mount an attack on the US.

I have already showed you that just like there have been no instances of jihadists entering the US through Mexico there has also never been a Mexican national who has joined an Islamic terrorist organization, provided support to them and much less attacked any US citizen or interests on behalf of the Islamic extremists. Yet, if you are to believe the Texas leadership, the US’s biggest danger is the US-Mexico border.

Last week we learned that three individuals were arrested by the FBI. The three have been charged with attempting to join ISIS or recruiting Westerners to fight for ISIS. None of these individuals has any ties to Mexico or the US-Mexico border. As a matter of fact, there are an estimated 20,000 foreigners fighting for ISIS from about 90 countries.

Of those, about 150 are US citizens. The United Kingdom has about 600 fighters within the ranks of ISIS with another 600 from Germany. About 1,200 French citizens have joined ISIS. What do those countries have in common?

Obviously, the United States citizens can travel to and from the United State unimpeded. The other countries: France, Germany and the United Kingdom fall under an immigration category with the United States known as visa-waiver countries. Basically, the citizens from any of these countries can travel to the United States without a visa. In other words, without the background checks required of foreigners traveling the United States.

Canada has about 130 of its citizens in the ranks of ISIS. Australia, another visa-waiver country has about 50 citizens fighting for the Islamic terrorists.

Notice which country is missing from the list of countries whose citizens are fighting or joining Islamic terrorists’ intent on harming the United States. That would be Mexico.

Yet if you buy into the national Republican rhetoric, the greatest danger to the United States comes from the Mexican border.

The evidence is clear and conclusive, the greatest danger to the US way of life is not Mexico or Mexicans, but rather it is the dangers posed by Islamic terrorists whose stated purpose is to destroy the United States.

How many Mexicans can you identify as Islamic terrorists? As a matter of fact, how many Central Americans can you name that have joined ISIS to destroy the US? Then why do many of you still buy into the rhetoric of a dangerous US-Mexico border?