Just a Little Humor for Today

ja-cartn1I am currently working on various projects for my blog. Each of them requires significant research. All of this has to be squeezed in between my real job and family obligations. Truth be told, I am a little tired of the politics and wanted to take a break. I was going to write a quick note about the election for the mayor pro tempore that was put on hold for three weeks but in the end I just couldn’t get the words together.

Tuesday, as I was trying to work through the writer’s block, I went to visit the useful idiots and I couldn’t help but laugh at the idiocy that are they represent. First, Jaime Abeytia harped on David Karlsruher’s attacks on Peter Svarzbien’s campaign with a blog post titled “The Day David K Became Martin Paredes…

Typical Abeytia, his marching orders are to create illusions in order to protect his benefactors. It is no secret he detests me and wants nothing better than for me to meet my maker sooner than later. It is par for the course when you take on an entrenched corruptocracy. [Yes, I know it is a made up word]

Unfortunately for another useful idiot, when someone, like Jaime Abeytia, lacks creativity another useful idiot becomes his target. Thus, David Karlsruher ended up being Abeytia’s target. However, when you get two useful idiots going at it their lack of creativity leads to another response, also lacking creativity.

David Karlsruher, not to be outdone by another useful idiot, responded with his own blog titled, “The day Abeytia became Martin Paredes.”

Both of them were going on about the Peter Svarzbien and Al Weisenberger runoff election scheduled for Saturday. Unfortunately, for them, I have not written about that race. Nonetheless, they felt it necessary to drag me into the debate about the race.

There is a reason why I haven’t written about the Svarzbien-Weisenberger race. It is because it doesn’t matter who wins. Both candidates will toe the line for the oligarchy of the city and thus your taxes will go up. Like, Abeytia and Karlsruher, both candidates have people they must please. Neither wants to deal with the problem of secrecy in government operations or in holding the line on taxes. Both candidates are beholden to the public policy agenda that builds playgrounds for the rich on the backs of the taxpayers.

As for Abeytia and Karlsruher, their lover’s quarrel is nothing more than posturing between their masters to see who has better control over their minions.

However, as I laughed at the fact that two bloggers, that pretend that I do not have any readers, I found it hilarious that both felt it necessary to name me in their little schoolyard fight.

I was in a mood for having some fun and I noticed that Jaime Abeytia seems to think my Photoshop skills are “shitty.” To each his own.

I had writer’s block and I wanted to have some fun so I decided to create a digital graphic encompassing all of my skills in Photoshop. As I set out to work on it, I figured, why not, let me throw in a little free hand work, a little digital illustration and, some humor into the mix. Of course, I had to tie it all together with Photoshop.

I also noticed that Jaime is trying out a new cartoon of himself on his Facebook page, so I thought why not cartoon him. After all, he is the reason I decided to try my hand at a digital illustration for today’s post.

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to pass it around to your friends on Facebook. Just copy to your device and upload to Facebook. I am sure Jaime would appreciate the exposure or overexposure as the case may be.

Jaime Abeytia Comic #1