Time for Immigrants to Stand Up and Be Counted

hechmxThose of you into national politics probably watched or have already heard about the Republican debates last night. As you likely know, immigration played an important part in the debate. Immigration will, as always, be part of the political debates up until election night. Contrary to the notion that Donald Trump has made immigration a center point of the GOP debates, the fact is that immigration has been an issue on the national stage for over twenty years now.

The fact is that immigrants are the easy scapegoats for the candidates, on both sides of the isle. Candidates can’t alienate the rich, the business owners, the welfare recipients or the government workers because they cast votes. Immigrants, for the most part, are a silent minority that do not engage politically.

That is why we are the scapegoats for the politicians. We, as immigrants, allow the politicians to tell us who we are, how we act and what we do. We allow this with our silence. We need to take back control and frame the immigration debate through our experiences. We need to get engaged.

Today, I am starting a simple social media campaign designed to put a stamp on all that we, as immigrants, do for the good of this country. We are everywhere and anywhere, putting food on tables, building gadgets, serving the needs of the citizens and designing the tools of the future. But we live in the shadows and we need to emerge from them.

Although immigrants come from all areas of the world, I am a Mexican immigrant and because we are the largest immigrant population I am focusing my campaign on Mexicans. It does not mean that other immigrants do no matter but rather that I feel that I can best serve that which I understand.

The social media campaign is simple. Tell everyone how we make America great by putting the stamp of a Mexican immigrant on what you produce to make the country great. I have created a logo that you can freely download and use on anything you like to showcase what it is you, or your friends, are doing to make this country great.

I have also created and will continue to create images you can post on the walls or feeds of the various social media channels to showcase why immigrants make America great.

Along with the social media content and the logo I also encourage you to start using the hashtag #immigrantsMAKEamerica on all of your social media postings.

For detailed information and to download the digital content visit: hechmex.com.

In the next few days I’ll continue to dispel the various myths about immigration that are being bandied around by the politicians who have become used to scapegoating immigrants for political expediency.

I hope that you will consider joining me in the immigrants make America campaign.