Donald Trump Lied at the CNN Debates

There are no two ways about it Donald Trump misrepresented the facts about birthright citizenship in Mexico during the September 16, 2015 Republican debates. Whether he did it intentionally or he does not know the facts, the end result is that it is impossible to hold an honest debate about immigration when there is so much noise based on erroneous information. In the third episode of the Proteus Files, I prove to you that he is misinformed about birthright citizenship in Mexico. Listen to him in his own words.

As I stated before, I have undertaken the task of correcting as many of the misinformed facts about immigration that I can during the run up to the 2016 presidential elections. Once we know the facts then we can focus on the real debate about immigration.

The fact that I have to correct the record proves that the immigration debate is nothing but a red herring designed to distract from the fact that the United States depends and needs immigrants for its success.