Veronica Escobar is at the Center of El Paso Scandals

vero-16-dots1When an FBI investigation dubbed Poisoned Pawns was launched it was focused on one individual and his scheme to defraud the federal government of federal dollars. By the time the dust settled, over 25 public officials went to jail or admitted guilt to public corruption. The avalanche started because one individual, Travis Ketner, panicked and ran straight to the FBI to tell them what he knew.

Although several El Paso politicos went to jail for public corruption, the political corruption at the city is far from over. As a matter of fact, I believe it is much worse than it was before. Many El Paso politicians are corrupt. It is part of their psyche that has been ingrained in the city for many years. When the dust settled on Poisoned Pawns, all it did was remove one faction of the corrupt politicos. This ended the stalemate that controlled political corruption via mutually assured destruction.

Currently El Paso is facing three major ongoing scandals that I believe are tied to ongoing public corruption:

1. The $22 million cost to the taxpayers as a result of the delay of the sale of the ballpark bonds.
2. The Children’s Hospital bankruptcy.
3. The ethics complaint filed against Claudia Ordaz for sharing confidential information with Veronica Escobar.

As you look closely at them you might realize a common nexus to all of them. Rather than bore you with a detailed explanation, I thought that today I would just illustrate it for you.

However, it is important that I point out that we have documented $133 million in tax dollars wasted by one person. This is tax monies that did not need to be spent!

Here you go, all you need to know of who is responsible for the ongoing political scandals in the city in one easy to understand infographic:

2016 Corruption Inforgraphic QTR1