Peeling the Onion – The Joyce Wilson Saga

onion-jw-law(This is part 4 of a 5-part series) Infamously and very smugly, Joyce Wilson referred to those that opposed the ballpark as “crazies.” Every corruption needs an individual to work through the bureaucracy in order for the corruption to succeed. Joyce Wilson was the instrumental tool that navigated the destruction of city hall, the building of a public building to allow private individuals to make money and the single most important element, keeping the secrets. Without Joyce Wilson, the ballpark would be nonexistent today.

All corruptors have their perfect useful idiots and Joyce Wilson was the perfect instrument to get the ballpark rammed down the throats of the taxpayers. Like all useful idiots, Wilson is disposable when they are needed to protect the true instigators. Joyce Wilson clearly understands this and this is why she has marshalled her attorney to protect her from being the scapegoat that she has become.

Like all useful idiots and like most political criminals, it is not the crime that does them in but the cover ups. Joyce Wilson is not naming names because that is the only thing she has in her arsenal to keep her from the liability she is facing.

It is this liability that is threatening the whole public corruption because it is all related.

Joyce Wilson argues that nothing “was done wrong” but refuses to name names.


It is simple, naming names exposes the corruption and as such, she cannot argue that nothing was done wrong.

Those that have nothing to hide have no problem naming names. If they are hiding something, then they fully understand that they are criminally liable. Threatening to sic the lawyers is a tried and true reaction to those who know that criminal prosecution is only one honest district attorney away, or a district attorney that wants to keep their job during a contested election.

Make no mistake, the only reason Jaime Esparza asked the Texas Rangers to investigate is because he is in contested political race. By calling in the Texas Rangers, Esparza gets to wash his hands of the while mess while arguing that it is not him prosecuting Joyce Wilson, Tommy Gonzalez or Larry Romero.

The simple truth is that Joyce Wilson has a choice to make. She can tell the taxpayers who corruptly cost them $20+ millions or she can fall on her sword and keep mum.

Many or holding their collective breaths today wondering if Joyce Wilson will continue to protect them or not because the fact is that the delay of the bonds carry civil and possibly criminal liabilities.

Wilson has demanded that Ross Fisher retract the statement that he included in his report pointing out that Joyce Wilson was refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Fisher retorted that his statement was accurate. What you should note in the Wilson comments is that Wilson wants everyone to move on.

There is nothing to see here” is what she is hoping to trick the taxpayers into thinking. Wilson has argued that the City should be focusing on its current issues and not on her time as the city manager. First she wants to distract by threatening legal measures. Wilson then wants everyone to move on. Obviously she is trying to get you to believe that the real serious problems are in the current city officials.

The current city council is obviously in turmoil and they have their own problems. However, their problems do not compare to the destruction of city hall and the additional cost of about $20 some millions for political reasons.

This is the crux of the problem and where the corruption can be demonstrated. A public policy decision was made without city council publicly voting on it. The public policy decision was made because of the mayoral election. And more importantly, the public policy decision was made at the cost of $20+ millions to the taxpayers.

Isn’t that what the El Paso Times has been accusing Larry Romero and Tommy Gonzalez of? Isn’t that why Bob Moore demanded the resignation of Tommy Gonzalez?

Then why hasn’t Bob Moore demanded that Joyce Wilson answer for her actions as forcefully as he has demanded that Gonzalez be fired?

Because Joyce Wilson would expose the underlining corruption of the ballpark fiasco and Tommy Gonzalez is just an easy scapegoat to distract the taxpayers with.