Trump Will Destroy the Republican Party Today

rep-destroy-dt-15mar16Today is a likely turning point in US democracy, especially for the Republicans. Florida, along with Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and North Carolina are holding primaries today. For the Republicans, there are 362 delegates up for grabs. Florida and Ohio are winner-takes all states and as such the Republican winner in those contests will receive 99 delegates from Florida and 66 delegates from Ohio. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are vying for the Republican nomination with Marco Rubio hoping for a miracle. It is that miracle, however far-fetched it might seem, that could possibly save the Republican Party from a vocal minority that has hijacked the party.

Unlike Mexico, where there more than two viable political parties, the United States only has two parties that are viable. The Democrats and the Republicans. As it stands this morning, Donald Trump has 460 delegates, Ted Cruz has 370 delegates and Marco Rubio has 163. If either Cruz or Trump win Florida it will make it near impossible for Rubio and Kasich to challenge Cruz or Trump for the Republican nomination.

Many political pundits feign surprise at the surge Donald Trump is enjoying at the polls. His lead for Republican delegates is baffling many. The fact is that polls are nothing more than a popularity gauges. The delegates are representative of the popularity contest and a Republican Party that has allowed itself to be hijacked by white-supremacy political rhetoric that Trump espouses.

Donald Trump’s political rhetoric is nothing more than the fear of the white minority that has realized that it is a minority group in the United States. Non-whites have begun to assert themselves politically. The Hispanics, or Latinos are expected to overtake Whites politically in the near future. Thus, what everyone is witnessing a fear-driven politicking from the formerly majority trying to stay in control of the country. Trump represents the dying gasps of a white culture that fears becoming the minority in the US.

You need not look further than the recent events at Trump’s event in Chicago to understand that this election is coming down to whites versus others as far as the Republicans are concerned. It is the Republican Party that has allowed the fearmongering to frame the Republican’s politics through Donald Trump. And it is that which will ultimately destroy the Republican Party in the United States.

The simple fact is that Donald Trump is unelectable in November.

US citizens may seem xenophobic to outsiders and even racist but the vast majority are neither.

I know this first-hand.

What everyone is experiencing today, through Donald Trump, is a minority afraid to accept the fact that they are a minority. When people are afraid they resort to violence.

If, Donald Trump ends up being the Republican nominee, the next president of the United States will be either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It will likely be Clinton. A Trump nomination will also result in killing the Republican Party as many of its membership will seek an alternative that meets the reality of a new generation in the United States centered around a majority that is not White.