The Firing of Jeremy Jordan

jj-sexhrrsmntThis is “old news” has been some of the comments that a few readers have told me about yesterday’s blog about Taylor Cortinas. Likewise, I expect the same individuals to argue that today’s blog about Jeremy Jordan is also “old news”. In the case of Cortinas, one thing is news based on documentation and first-hand accounts and another is rumormongering. The general public knew that Cortinas was fired. However, until I posted my blog yesterday, very few knew the why’s and the rest of the context surrounding her termination from the city. Although, much is known about the firing of Jeremy Jordan, there are still a few issues that are yet to be publicly discussed, mainly the investigation into his sexual harassment of members of Claudia Ordaz’ office.

As you likely know, Jeremy Jordan was a former staffer for Cortney Niland.

As I wrote yesterday, Jennifer Gonzalez, executive aide to Claudia Ordaz, sent an email to Ordaz outlining two concerns, one regarding Taylor Cortinas and the second issue was about Jeremy Jordan. In her email, Gonzalez wrote about Jordan the following:

“On or around May 12, a remark was made by Jeremy Jordan in reference to the amount of monies donated to Rep Ordaz’s [sic] campaign, indicating that it was a lot of money. The reference was made was, ‘the only way I would donate that much to Claudia would be in her G-string,’ or word to that effect. As one employee, Jennifer, was offended, he continued to laugh and stated, ‘look, Jennifer looks like she wants to (hit or kill) me,’ or words to that effect. A second employee, Taylor, indicated that it may be the case, and the gentleman requested that we not tell Rep Ordaz, again with ‘nonchalant’ laughter, and the conversation to [sic] a turn in a different direction”.

On July, 2, 2015, Claudia Ordaz responded to Gonzalez’ email. In regards to Jordan, Ordaz wrote; “Jeremey’s [sic] inappropriate comments, they are clearly a sexual harassment violation”. Ordaz added that she would be filing a “formal complaint with the Human Resources Department.” [emphasis mine]

On July 20, 2016, the city’s Human Resources Director sent a memorandum to Claudia Ordaz. The memo advises Ordaz that the “concern” she raised on July 7, 2015 “has been investigated.” The memorandum added that “appropriate action has been taken regarding the incident that occurred on or about May 12, 2015.”

As many of you know, there were various text messages between Jaime Abeytia, Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez on August 5, 2015 where they disparaged Cortney Niland. On September 15, 2015, Jaime Abeytia published a blog about a former intern who was tasked by Jeremy Jordan to dig up dirt on Claudia Ordaz.

As you know from yesterday’s post, Taylor Cortinas was terminated by the City on November 10, 2015 with a ten-day notice of termination.

Five days later, Jordan sent the following email to city officials with the subject line “Security Matter”:

“On behalf of Rep. Niland, we respectfully request an emergency meeting be conducted tomorrow with HR, City Attorney, Mayor, City Manager, Linda Ball Thomas, Nancy Bartlett, head of internal Audit, the head of IT, and Police. We are requesting all findings or the recent breech to the District 8 office. The reasoning behind termination of Ms. Cortinas. The reasons why the victim was the last to know and what steps are in place to take corrective action and protect the innocent victims. I expect this meeting to be conducted after City Council meeting tomorrow. If I don’t get the answers requested today and tonight, I’ll be forced to share this with the media.”

As I wrote yesterday, David Karlsruher followed the Jordan threat to go to the news media with several blog posts alleging an illegal email theft at city hall. I hope you see how the dots connect.

It also appears that Cortney Niland was unwilling to meet with police investigators regarding an investigation into a pending email case at the city. I believe her apparent unwillingness to meet is related to the threat posted by Jordan about going to the news media and Karlsruher’s blog posts.

As you also know from yesterday’s post, Claudia Ordaz complained that an investigation was being “politically driven”. Ordaz also complained that Karlsruher was being leaked information by Niland. Ordaz included copies of several of Karlsruher’s posts as evidence in her complaint to the police investigators.

On December 14, 2015, Cortney Niland was informed via a voicemail that Jeremy Jordan had been arrested on family violence charges the previous day. Shortly after that, Niland terminated Jordan’s employment.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s article where I reveal to you the city representative that had a recent police encounter.