Counterpoint – Living in the USA – Legally versus Illegally

carrasco-2-immgrnts(Counterpoint: The following is a guest editorial submitted by Barbara Carrasco. Occasionally, I will publish counterpoints submitted by readers to my blog. To be considered for a counterpoint, please send me your comments in an article fashion on topical topics that I am covering on my blog. As I have written many times before, we learn from the perspectives of others. Although I may not agree with someone’s perspective their opinion matters and should be considered in order to have a proper debate. Counterpoints may not necessarily represent the views of Martin Paredes and are published in their entirety as submitted by the author.)

Author: Barbara Carrasco

Each year approximately one million individuals take an oath to become U.S. citizens.

I have had the privilege of attending numerous new-citizen ceremonies at the Abraham Chavez auditorium. These newly-minted citizens are part of the millions who take an oath each year to become U.S. citizens.

It is with much pride, enthusiasm, joy, and excitement that these patriots take their oath, wave our flag, applaud, yell and whistle at their accomplishment. Their emotions are contagious! Their friends and relatives are there to celebrate with them and congratulate them. They have completed their journey to become a U.S. citizen at their swearing-in ceremony.

These individuals followed our laws, waited the required time, paid their fees, studied our history and learned English to become citizens. They made a conscious and deliberate choice to become U.S. citizens. Their intentions were to assimilate, pledge allegiance to the U.S., honor our flag and become a part of the fabric of this great country. They earned all the rights, privileges and protections our Constitution has to offer them as lawful citizens. They will live freely, openly and will strive to attain the American dream.

These newly-minted U.S. citizens will teach their children love of country and pride in the privilege of living in the U.S. They will teach their children respect for the law, that our laws are to be obeyed. They will have confidence that our laws will be enforced and defended.

The most valuable lesson taught these children will learn from their parents is respect for the rule of law. Without respect for the rule of law our country would be a whirlwind of chaos. Without respect for our borders and laws that govern our borders, we would not be a sovereign country.

Living the USA Illegally

Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, cross our borders knowing they will be living in the shadows always fearful for themselves and their children. Unlike those taking an oath of citizenship, these illegal immigrants disrespected our laws and their children will learn to be fearful because of their parents’ circumstances.

These fears evolve into resentment, frustration and in some instances hatred for the Unites States. These negative, harmful and unfortunate sentiments are then displayed in our streets when a politician, the federal government or states consider changes to immigration policy which threatens their illegal status in the United States.

Illegal immigrants protest in our streets and demand all the rights afforded U.S. citizens. This blatant resentment was on display recently in the Los Angeles at a Trump rally.

Not only were parents shouting obscenities and flipping off Trump supporters, they had their children in the frontlines mimicking them. These children attend our schools, work on science projects with our children, play soccer, basketball and participate in many other activities with our children in school and summer activities. Despite this, these children have learned from their parents to resent and disrespect the country that has fed them, clothed them, educated them, provided housing for them and their parents. They are “victims” of their circumstances caused by the “adults” in the family, their parents! This was deplorable behavior and a sad portrait of families of illegal immigration.

Although they demand recognition and protection under our laws, they waive the Mexican flag and burn the American flag. Not surprisingly, their allegiance is not to America.


Does anyone believe these individuals want to assimilate, pledge allegiance to the United States, honor our flag or become a part of the fabric of this great country? Does anyone believe these parents are not using their children as props in order to avoid the consequences of their actions and gain sympathy? Is it unreasonable to expect that these parents should bear some form of punishment for their unlawful entry into the United States?

What these parents are doing to and with their children is shameful. These children are innocent victims of their parents’ selfish, thoughtless and unlawful actions. On the one hand they come seeking a better life for themselves and their children, then exhibit extreme resentment, if not hatred, towards the United States, which impacts their children’s behavior and beliefs. They want to be embraced by the United States but disrespect our laws and despise those who want the laws enforced and teach their children these same injurious attitudes.

The valuable lesson not being taught these children is that there are consequences for ones’ actions.
There is a process for those wanting to come into the Unites States. Use the process and you will be welcomed and embraced.

Editor’s note: I realize that this topic raises much emotion among the readers. If you want to comment, I ask that you focus on the points made by the author and keep your comments civil. I also encourage you to submit your own commentary about the immigration debate. I will be doing a rebuttal on Friday to the point the author made about “following the law”.