5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Cannot be President

5resns-hc-notelctOn May 25, 2016, a State Department Inspector General report that was leaked to the Associated Press was reported on by several news media outlets. Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server from which she received and transmitted government emails while she was at the State Department. Since all of the presidential politicians are jockeying to score political points before the 2016 elections, it is difficult to pierce through the rhetoric and get to the crux of the issue.

However, the email controversy has two issues that need to be kept in mind with regards to the private email server. The first is whether Clinton has lied to the electorate. The second is whether Hillary Clinton can be trusted to be open and transparent to the US electorate.

Hillary Clinton Has Lied to Voters

1. Hillary Clinton consistently argued that her home email server was “never” breached. Yet, the State Department Audit leaked last week clearly demonstrates that the server was hacked in January of 2011. As if that wasn’t enough, the report also cites two additional dates in which the server may have been hacked; January 9, 2011 and May 13, 2011.

2. Hillary Clinton has consistently argued that she had permission to use a personal email account. The audit notes that there is no record of any official approving or reviewing her use of a private email server. The report adds that the auditors “found no evidence” that Clinton “requested or obtained” approval for her private email server.

Hillary Clinton Does Not Conduct Herself Transparently

3. The State Department Audit clearly states that Hillary Clinton “should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department business before leaving government service.” It took her almost two years to release some of the records. Some are still unaccounted for.

4. The audit goes on to point out that “Clinton and several of her staff members during her tenure declined to be interviewed.” This is in sharp contrast to former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice who all answered questions about how the handled public records while serving as Secretaries of State. Clinton and her staff refused to answer questions for the audit.

5. The final issue regarding transparency is that Hillary Clinton has stated several times that she would cooperate with any investigation. However, the State Department Audit report clearly shows that Hillary Clinton and her staffers refused to answer questions for the audit. That is not cooperating with an investigation and clearly it is not acting transparently for the benefit of the electorate.

As you can clearly see, Hillary Clinton gives the voters five concrete examples of why she should not be elected into office, especially as president of the United States.