Donald Trump gets Trumped by Facts About the Dangers of Immigrants

trump-sandford-1The wall that Donald Trump has been pushing forth to deal with border security is trumped (pun intended) by the facts. As part of his political rhetoric, Donald Trump has been pushing forth a narrative that immigrants and a porous border is a danger to the US way of life. Fortunately, for those of us that know the truth, the facts continue to prove that Donald Trump is wrong. The real danger from terrorism and insecurity does not derive from the Mexican border, but rather from Europe. A border wall will not change that, no matter how much Donald Trump and his supporters continue to say that it will.

I previously showed you how that 9/11 terrorists entered the US through flights into the US from other parts of the world, most notably from Europe. As a matter of fact, not one of the 9/11 terrorists entered via Mexico. Most of them had the legal status to be in the US at the time they committed their acts of terror. Those facts have not stopped Trump, and his followers, from continuing the narrative that the US-Mexico border is the threat to the US. (link)

I also shared with you my analysis of almost one hundred terrorism-related criminal cases in US courts. Of the 94 cases I studied, only two individuals entered the US through Mexico and one from Canada. Of the 94 individuals charged with terrorism, only four were undocumented immigrants. The most important data point is that 75% of those charged are US citizens who were born in the country. (link)

None of these facts have stood in the way of the narrative that the US-Mexico border needs to be walled up. Today, let me add another inconvenient fact to the Trump immigration rhetoric.

As many of you know, on June 18, 2016, Michael Steven Sandford was arrested for trying to kill Donald Trump at a Las Vegas casino. Sandford tried to grab the gun from a police officer to kill Trump. (United States of America vs. Michael Steven Sandford; Magistrate 2:16-mj-443-GWF)

Sandford has been charged with “Act of Violence on Restricted Grounds”. According to the arrest affidavit, Michael Sandford had been planning to kill Trump “for about a year.”

Now here are the facts that Donald Trump and walling up the border supporters do not want you to notice.

Michael Steven Sandford is a British citizen who overstayed his visa. He is a white undocumented immigrant that attempted to kill a US presidential contender.

This does not fit the political rhetoric about sealing the border shut between Mexico and the United States. It also does not fit the narrative about insecurity at the border and thus it likely won’t be discussed by closed-border advocates.

This is because Sandford is not Mexican and thus it destroys the idea that the true threat to the US lies not from Mexico, but from Europe. To admit this will require having a real discussion about closing off immigration from Europe, instead of from Mexico.

But you won’t hear this from Donald Trump because the sad reality is that Donald Trump didn’t target Mexico and its citizens because he truly believes there is a danger, but because he doesn’t like Mexicans. That is the true underlining thing that drives Trump’s narrative about the dangers of the US-Mexico border.