Is This Really the Best the US Has to Offer in 2016?

rlly-best-jun16I keep asking myself this question – is this really the best that the citizens of the United States have to offer in presidential candidates? I’m writing about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. How sad is it that the GOP is looking to overturn its nomination rules just to keep Trump from being the nominee, and the Democrats are still wrestling with whether Bernie Sanders is truly finished, or not?

Let’s look at the top two contenders:

Hillary Clinton, can be summed up in one word – dishonest. There is much political mud-slinging coming from GOP party operatives, and Donald Trump himself. Each shot at Hillary Clinton gets more outrageous the closer we get to election night. Much of it is distorted, an outright fabrication or just simply the truth.

It is the truth that should worry all voters. Hillary Clinton is fundamentally dishonest. There is enough information out from which to make that determination. Starting from the numerous reports about the Clinton’s taking furniture from the White House to the use of a personal email system and not to mention the questions about where the Clinton’s funding comes from.

There are just too many stories that show a dishonesty inherent within Hillary Clinton. For that reason, any vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a dishonest person. Do US citizens really want an unethical and dishonest person at the White House come November 2016?

Of course, the one that takes the cake is Donald Trump.

Much of Donald Trump’s, magnet, to those that support him, is that Trump is not a “politician.” The argument being that he is an outsider shaking up the establishment.

Let’s put aside, for a moment, my animosity towards Donald Trump because of his comments about Mexicans. Let’s look at his credentials.

First, does he represent the values of the GOP? Emphatically no. Not only was Donald Trump very chummy with the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton, when it made financial sense to him, but conservative values are something that Trump had seldom expressed prior to running for office. More importantly is the notion of his business experience. Donald Trump has told everyone that his numerous bankruptcies were just “gaming” the bureaucracy like “everyone” else. Is this really what Donald Trump supporters want, a commander-and-chief who looks to “game” the system, or a leader who takes responsibility for his own actions?

Look closely at all of the controversies surrounding Donald Trump. Has Trump, just once, taken responsibility? No, in actuality, Donald Trump blames everyone but himself for his failures. For example, “it’s the judge” that has it in for him, not the facts of the case. It’s the Muslims that threaten the US, not the English undocumented immigrant that wants to kill him. See the pattern, it’s everyone but Donald Trump who is at fault.

As for Bernie Sanders, I really know very little about his campaign in general because the truth is that as a business owner I am a capitalist. As a capitalist there is no scenario under which I would support a candidate that advocates higher taxes. I pay enough taxes already. I pay more in taxes, as a percentage of my income, than most taxpayers because I am a business owner. As a business owner, I pay a self-employment tax of 15.3% because I have to pay for both portions of the social security and Medicare taxes; my personal part and the part that companies normally pay for their employees.

So no thank you, anyone advocating higher taxes, especially business related ones, do not get a second look from me. ObamaCare is the prime example of taxing responsible people to help the irresponsible out.

That leaves us with Gary Johnson. That’s really all I can write about Johnson, because absent a miracle, a third-party candidate will not be a contender for the presidency.

That brings us back to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton is fundamentally dishonest and Trump is just as dishonest as well. Two ethically challenged candidates are what US voters have to choose from.

Is this really the best the US has to offer? How very sad.