Five Hillary Clinton Lies Proved by the FBI Investigation

5-hrc-lies-jul16aAs you know by now, the FBI has recommended that Hillary Clinton not face any charges in relation to the year-long investigation into her home email server. Hillary Clinton has proclaimed this to be a victory. However, what the Clinton camp cannot erase is that the FBI has shown her to be a liar. Here are five lies the FBI has proven.

Before I get into how the FBI investigation proves that Hillary Clinton is a liar, I need to point out the stench of the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch a few days before the FBI made its announcement. By any measure of any standard, even the lowest standard possible – the meeting between the two, although described as a “chance meeting,” is inappropriate while there is an ongoing criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton. Lynch also made it official yesterday – that there will be no charges filed.

No matter how Loretta Lynch characterizes the meeting, it will forever carry with it the stench of political favoritism in a criminal matter. This is another one of those cases where Hillary Clinton appears to receive a political favor from someone in power. Rather than vindicate Hillary Clinton, there will always be the notion that the only reason that the FBI did not pursue charges was for political expediency.

Even though the FBI did not pursue charges, the statement by FBI Director James B. Comey are damming to Clinton. They also prove she has lied.

Here are five Hillary Clinton lies that the FBI proved.

1. The FBI determined that Hillary Clinton “used several different servers and administrators of those servers” over the four years that she was at the State Department. Hillary Clinton has said she only use one server. This is lie number one.

2. The FBI also determined that Hillary Clinton used “numerous mobile devices to view and send e-mail” through her personal email server. Hillary Clinton asserted that the home email server was needed so that she could use one device to access her email accounts. As you can see, the FBI says that “numerous” devices were used by Clinton. This proves that Hillary Clinton lied about why she used a home email server. This is lie number two.

3. The FBI also found that of the 30,000 email returned to the State Department by Hillary Clinton, 110 of those emails contained “classified information.” “Eight” email chains were determined by the FBI as containing the designation of “Top Secret at the time they were sent.” Another 36 contained “Secret” information. Hillary Clinton has insisted that she never emailed any “classified material” to anyone. This is another lie by Hillary Clinton, it is number three.

4. The FBI also found that Hillary Clinton did not turn over all of the public record emails that she has asserted that she did. Although Hillary Clinton turned over, over 30,000 emails, the FBI found “several thousand” public record emails that Hillary Clinton did not turn over to the State Department. Hillary Clinton has told the public that she turned over all of the emails she had. This is another lie, as disclosed by the FBI investigation. The FBI found “several thousand” and turned them over to the government. This is lie number four.

5. “Clinton and her colleagues…were extremely careless in their handling of classified information…very sensitive, highly classified information.” In addition to Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she never emailed any classified information through her personal email server, Clinton has also asserted that she should be elected president because of her integrity and her experience. Clearly, her mishandling of sensitive and classified information makes her unable to serve as president of the United States. Clinton’s assertion that she is presidential material is also a lie as evidenced by the carelessness of how she handled classified materials as proven by the FBI.

There you have it, five examples of Hillary Clinton lying to the public. These lies make her unfit to be elected president of the United States.