The Emotions of the Republican Convention of 2016

trump-careful-wish15Well we are only days away from the biggest catastrophe a political party can ever make; selecting a nominee based on emotion rather than on logic. I was hoping for logic to prevail through a last ditch effort to allow delegates to vote based on their conscious. It appears though, that; that won’t be the case. Donald Trump will likely emerge as the Republican’s nominee for the November elections. How did we get to this point?

Emotion got us to this point. There are many factors that have led us to this point, but all of them revolve around the fear of the unknown. To be sure, it is not only a USA problem but a worldwide phenomenon led by the fear and uncertainty of terrorism and economic pressures on the middle and lower classes. Britain gave us a taste of what is in store for all of us. The electorate is voting on the emotion of fear hoping that somehow that will translate into a calmer world.

To be clear, the Democrats are no better off by placing Hillary Clinton as their presidential nominee. It is clear the Hillary Clinton has neither the honesty nor the ethics to be president. However, her nomination makes party politics sense. The Democrat Party is selecting Hillary Clinton because of political necessities. Many of the Democrats are no happier with Clinton just as many of the Republicans are just as unhappy with Trump.

Clinton, though, makes sense as the next in line to the party throne. Depending on what theory you subscribe to, the party is fulfilling its promise to support Clinton’s run for her support of the Barack Obama candidacy, or the party wants to follow the first black president with the first female president in the history of the nation. It could be both, or it could be other theories that are out there floating about. Either way, Hillary Clinton is the Democrat’s next logical candidate for the presidency. Not so for the Republicans.

Clearly the Republican Party is in disarray. The Tea Party fractured the core ideals of the party and the Republicans haven’t recovered, and now with Trump as their candidate, the likely never will.

Donald Trump has ridden a wave of desperate fear and uncertainty and has masterfully used the mass media for traction. Donald Trump is the face of fear. Trump’s popularity is based on the mistaken belief that a non-politician who says the right words at the right time will somehow magically solve the problems that everyone fears.

Donald Trump has no platform, except the platform of fear. Donald Trump tells those listening to him what they want to hear without any conviction. Trump will tell one group of listeners that Mexicans are the problem while telling the next group that he loves Mexicans.

In other words, Trump’s whole rhetoric is telling people what they want to hear, whether he means it or not. After he is elected, and he is likely going to get elected, he will do whatever makes his wallet fatter. That’s Donald Trump’s whole presidential platform.

Today, he is telling you he will build a wall and that Mexico will pay for it.

Here’s the dirty little secret; Donald Trump is unlikely to build a wall, but if he does, it will be a token wall paid for by US tax dollars.

You see, in the end it comes down to money. Donald Trump cannot build a wall and make Mexico pay for it because it would be economically detrimental to US workers and the US economy.

Yes, he will tell you that Mexico is paying for it because he is withholding funds for the Drug War initiatives or some other such scheme. What he won’t tell you is that funds, like the Merida Initiative, are not cash transfers to Mexico, but rather a credit card paid for by US taxpayers. The dirty secret is that the “credit” is used to pay for military weapons or support services that fund US companies needing to stay in business. When a Blackhawk helicopter is delivered to Mexico, Sikorsky Aircraft, a US company, is paid for it from US government funds.

In other words, your tax dollars keep Sikorsky in business by “selling” the helicopter to the Mexican government. Sikorsky reports the “sale” and its shareholders rejoice in fatter dividends. The US government reports the “sale” as proof that the economy is growing. And, Donald Trump will trumpet the payment of his “wall” by withholding these monies, as if Mexico is paying for the wall, although it is you the taxpayer that pays for it. Worse, Sikorsky won’t be selling that helicopter that the US workers depend on for their paycheck.

The worse part is that the largest cement company in the world, Cemex, will be getting your tax money to build the wall. If you don’t believe me, look at where the quarries and the cement companies are on the length of the border and you will see how a Mexican company will benefit from the wall.

Sadly, the Mexican government, for political expediency, will silently play along, except for a few nationalistic speeches, because in the end, the almighty dollar needs to continue trickling down through the two countries to keep everyone somewhat afloat.

So go ahead, fearful voters, rejoice in the Donald Trump nomination and cast your vote for him in November because in the end, all it means is that he is making fools out of you. It’s about his wallet and not about your welfare.

For me, I’m accepting the fact that come January 2017, whether it is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton nothing will change, and in many ways it will get worse. If, unfortunately for all of us, it is Donald Trump at the helm, I will be constantly reminding you of how it all went so wrong.