Five Things You Didn’t Know About Melania Trump

5thngs_melnia_trmpAs you know, last Monday, Melania Trump, Donald Trump‘s wife, was embroiled in a plagiarism scandal. Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. Melania Trump has kept a low profile in her husband’s presidential campaign, although she is no stranger to mass media. Because of her low profile, she has not been scrutinized as much.

Most of you are aware that she is an immigrant, who immigrated to the United States from Slovenia. She is now a US citizen. She is also a model. Other than that, and being Donald Trump’s third wife, not much else about her has entered the political discussion.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Melania Trump.

1. Viktor Knavs, Melania Trump’s father, was investigated by the police in Slovenia for “illicit trade and tax evasion.” [1]

2. Viktor Knavs, Melania Trump’s father, in 1965 sued Marija Cigelnjak, a former girlfriend, because Viktor did not want to pay child support for his son. A court ordered test proved that Denis Cigelnjak is Melania’s half-brother. Viktor has yet to acknowledge his son. [1]

3. Melania Trump’s father, Viktor Knavs, was an active Communist (League of Communists) member in Slovenia, according to party records. Although, Slovenia at the time was under the dictatorship of Marshall Tito, only five percent of Slovenians were communist party members. [2]

4. Melania Trump’s real name is Melanija Knavs, she Germanized her name to Knauss for her modeling career.

5. Melania Trump dropped out of the University of Slovenia after her freshmen year, although the Trump Campaign and she continue to state the she graduated from there. [3]

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