Arpaio Queued for Jail

arpio-pink1As I wrote recently, Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff who ignores judges on racial profiling, is closer to having to wear pink panties while he does time in one of his own jail cells for contempt of court. A few days ago, a judge referred Arpaio for criminal prosecution after Arpaio ignored a judge’s order to stop profiling people in his jurisdiction. Not only is Arpaio racially profiling people but he has also endorsed and has been invited by Donald Trump to speak based on Arpaio’s misguided stance on the immigration issue.

Yes, I do not like Joe Arpaio because he epitomizes the racism behind the immigration problem. As a law enforcement official, Joe Arpaio is supposed to enforce the law equally among all those within his jurisdiction. And yes, I am aware of the need to profile people in order to keep everyone safe. Everyone profiles based on their life’s experiences. We all do.

The problem is when the profiling impedes the ability to do the job properly, as evidenced by several judges telling Arpaio to cease and desist and when the profiling is ethnically driven. Undocumented immigrants come from all countries. They are dark and lighted skinned. Not too long ago, it was an undocumented white immigrant from England that tried to assassinate Donald Trump. It wasn’t a dark-skinned Mexican.

Yet, in light of this inconvenient fact, Joe Arpaio targeted Hispanics during his immigration round-up actions. His targeting was based on skin color. Had, Joe Arpaio set up road blocks asking everyone for immigration papers then I would not be criticizing him today because it would have demonstrated an intention of equally applying the law to all, instead of selectively enforcing it based on skin color.

That is the underlining problem with the immigration debate, it is based on the skin color or country of origin instead of equally among all immigrants. I am fine with US citizens insisting that all border crossings be closed and all immigration stopped. As citizens that is their right.

The problem is when only certain countries or ethnicities are targeted. The targeting makes it racist.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Why is he not advocating one on the Canada-US border? Or how about not advocating to close the US free-visa loophole with White-European countries that have allowed terrorists to enter the US, unlike the fact that no terrorist has been proven to have entered through the US-Mexico border?

Because it is not about keeping the US safe from terrorists, but rather from people from south of the border. The wall is only an excuse to target Mexicans and other minorities because of the fear, some have, that the US is becoming less white.

That is my problem with selectively choosing what immigration “problem” to solve.