This is the Type of People Mexico Really Sends to the US

medina_s_trumpLaunching his presidential campaign, Donald Trump infamously stated that Mexico sends “rapists” to the United States. Before the Donald Trump supporters start to once again deflect what Trump actually said, here are the exact words that offended me the most; “They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.” Those are his actual words. He added “criminals,” “problems,” “drugs” and other similar words, which, I suppose, can be construed as examples. However, he minced no words with “they’re rapists.” Today, I celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day and I think it is the perfect day to show Donald Trump some examples of the type of people that Mexico sends to the United States.

There is no greater sacrifice that any individual can make then to die for his own country. However, when an individual dies for an adopted country, then that sacrifice is even greater as it is a true testament of the true spirit of the individual.

Mexicans, both undocumented and legal immigrants have fought and died for the United States since the US was formed as a country. Many remain unnoticed because not much of an attempt has been made to document and track the many undocumented that enlist in the US armed forces.

There have been at least seven Mexican citizens that have been awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest award the United States bestows upon those defending the country during times of war.

They are Pedro Cano, Jesus S. Duran, Silvestre S. Herrera, Marcario Garcia, Jose F. Jimenez, Isaac Payne and Alfred V. Rascon. All of them were born in Mexico. Silvestre Herrera was undocumented at the time of his heroism that led to the highest award.

The latest Mexican to give her life to her adopted country is USMC Cpl. Sara Abigail Medina who gave her life at the age of 23. She died on May 12, 2015. Cpl. Medina was part of Joint Task Force 505.

Who was Cpl. Sara Medina?

Medina was born in Durango, Mexico. She moved to Aurora Chicago in 2010 with her family. Medina graduated from East Aurora High School in 2010. After graduation, she enlisted in the Marine Corps. At the age of 23, recently having been engaged, Medina died in a helicopter crash while performing her duties as a Marine in Nepal.

This is the type of Mexican that Mexico sends to the US.

So yes, Donald Trump’s generalization of all Mexican immigrants offends me simply because of the sacrifices made by Mexican immigrants in service to the United States.