A Call for Crowd Sourcing Open Records Documents

vero-orr2-3Recently, Thomas Dorman embarked on gathering as many open records documents as possible in regards to the recent pay raises for the county commissioners. Dorman has so far gathered almost 200 files containing hundreds of pages of information. He has kindly shared the documents with me and has asked that I make them available to you online. With so many pages to go through as well as the County’s apparent reluctance to be forthright and transparent about county business it is imperative that the documents be scrutinized. Unfortunately, there are too many for two individuals to go through. Additionally, we may miss important details. This is where you come in.

Crowdsourcing is term used to define enlisting the services, you the readers of this blog, via the Internet to help us complete a project. I am asking for your help to pick some of the files and review them. If you find anything important or that should be further discussed please post a comment, or let me know and I will tag the file for further review. The more of us that scrutinize the open records documents the more likely we are to understand what is going on at the county and the more likely we are to fill in the missing pieces to the ongoing issues.

The documents can be viewed by clicking here.

As some of you know, I have been using SocialUnwind as an online platform for sharing open records files with you. I intended to expand on that by using it to share any public documents sent to me so that all of you have access to review them.

Unfortunately, as I explained on Friday, I crashed the system. As a result, I launched Public Documents as a place to archive the open records documents that come my way.

Many of you are filing your own open records requests, or have public documents. I am asking you to send the documents to me so that I can upload them so that the community can review them as well. If you are so inclined, you can also register an account and upload your own documents to the site.

Public documents are meant to give the voters the opportunity to understand what their government is doing. Democracy was intended to be a “government by the people and for the people,” yet lately, it seems that elected officials have taken the tact that they should not be scrutinized for their actions. Governments and public entities everywhere are looking for ways to limit access to public documents instead of opening up the people’s records for the voters to access.

Help your community by reviewing the public documents that Thomas Dorman has collected for you so that we can all better understand what your government is up to. Become an activist journalist and dig deep into the workings of government.