Guest Editorial TRUMP: Living in the Center of His Universe

cb-trmp-unv1(Counterpoint: The following is a guest editorial submitted by Barbara Carrasco. Occasionally, I will publish counterpoints submitted by readers to my blog. To be considered for a counterpoint, please send me your comments in an article fashion on topical topics that I am covering on my blog. As I have written many times before, we learn from the perspectives of others. Although I may not agree with someone’s perspective their opinion matters and should be considered in order to have a proper debate. Counterpoints may not necessarily represent the views of Martin Paredes and are published in their entirety as submitted by the author.)

Author: Barbara Carrasco

The controversy involving Trump prior to the second debate is indefensible. Another controversy is brewing as I write this and I’m sure more will arise before November 8th.

As I see it, Trump lived his life “for” Trump and was the “center” of his universe for most of his life. Two years ago Trump realized that there was something greater than him: love for his country that he felt he would sacrifice his time, money and energy and run for president and make America great again.

Since he made his decision to put himself out there he has been attacked by the liberal media, democrats and republicans. Trump threatens their cozy relationships, he threatens their livelihood, and he threatens the territorial attitude in D.C. He promises to bring change, he threatens to expose the corruption in D.C., shake up the D.C. cartel, and the establishment. He is promising to “drain the swamp” as Pelosi promised they would do under Obama, but the swamp only expanded under the Obama administration.

WikiLeaks has exposed the extent of corruption and collusion in this administration. It has shown how all tentacles are intertwined and that honesty, integrity and pride no longer exist in this administration. It has exposed the arrogance of every department in this administration which is a trickle down attitude from Obama. It has shown us how our laws are no longer respected or enforced and it has exposed the gross lack of respect for the American people, and how we are trampled and manipulated to satisfy their greed.

Both parties are threatened by Trump’s straight talk and connection to the American people which are fed up by the status quo of both parties. Trump hasn’t spent his whole life preparing to run for the presidency. I’m sure if he had, he would not have lived his life in such a way that would have jeopardized his ambitions of one day becoming the president. It’s time for the American people to support an individual who is an outsider, has nothing to gain from the presidency, and is not after fame or fortune. He already has both. His goal is to put America first, make America great, help inner cities and middle class prosper, bring jobs, jobs, jobs back and protect our borders.

He is not an eloquent speaker, but I believe his heart is in the right place. As a business person I can relate to Trump’s aggressive nature. He has learned many things at the school of hard knocks. Something career politicians will never understand. It’s time we send an outsider to D.C. who has such a desire to do good for America that he would use $100M of his own money to fund his campaign to make America great again.

As Trump states “what do you have to lose.” Give him a chance.