Now I Understand Why the Electoral College is Necessary

trmp-elct-cllge1I never really understood why the Electoral College was necessary. As a matter of fact, I believe it usurps the will of the majority on election night. But in this election cycle I truly embrace the need for the Electoral College and I believe it will save the United States from a very vocal minority. The Electoral College is about the only thing that could save us all from a Donald Trump presidency. Last Thursday I discussed the facts that show that Donald Trump is neither the savior of the US political system nor is he a political outsider. Instead, the record shows that Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican Party and has hoodwinked supporters into believing that he will save the US from itself.

Thankfully, the United States has the Electoral College and it seems that it will save us from the nightmare of a Donald Trump presidency. The United States does not elect presidents based on the majority vote. Rather, the president is elected by a board of 538 electors appointed to cast a vote for one of the candidates. Two hundred and seventy votes are required to win the presidency.

The electors represent a proportionate amount of the nation’s electorate and are chosen by the states and the District of Columbia. Each elector casts a vote according to their state’s presidential winner. Maine and Nebraska use a similar process but their votes are based on congressional districts rather than on the state’s majority winner. Under the Electoral College, it is possible that Donald Trump could win the majority of the votes cast on Election Day but still not be sworn in as president.

This is because the Electoral College distributes the presidential votes proportionally among the states rather than upon the population of the nation. Because of the Electoral College, a state like California or Texas with a large population cannot skew the presidential election via its large population.

From my perspective, the Electoral College is about to save the country from a Trump presidency.

I still believe that the Electoral College does not truly represent the will of the electorate but in this case it might actually prove to be the thing that keeps Donald Trump out of the White House.

According to the Electoral College pundits there are several states that Donald Trump must win in order to become the president. There are various scenarios but all have Florida as the required key to the presidency. Donald Trump is facing a Floridian problem in the Cuban-American vote as well as the growing Puerto Rican vote. It seems that his attacks against Latinos may have created a vocal base for Trump but it is the Latinos that will likely keep him out office.

I realize that this may be hypocritical on my part – applauding the role it plays in keeping Trump out of the White House while acknowledging that it does not truly represent the will of the voters. I’ll happily accept that it is hypocritical on my part and rejoice in that it was the Latino vote that ultimately kept Donald Trump out of office.