Guest Editorial: WikiLeaks Exposes Truth About Hillary Clinton

cb_wikilks_1(Counterpoint: The following is a guest editorial submitted by Barbara Carrasco. Occasionally, I will publish counterpoints submitted by readers to my blog. To be considered for a counterpoint, please send me your comments in an article fashion on topical topics that I am covering on my blog. As I have written many times before, we learn from the perspectives of others. Although I may not agree with someone’s perspective their opinion matters and should be considered in order to have a proper debate. Counterpoints may not necessarily represent the views of Martin Paredes and are published in their entirety as submitted by the author.)

Author: Barbara Carrasco


Several weeks ago I filled out a form online. I couldn’t submit it until I verified that I was not a robot. Hillary’s campaign has shown that she is a robot and has been programmed to lie. WikiLeaks exposes who she is; what she thinks of the electorate; the collusion among the DOJ, HRC and Obama Administration; the truth about Benghazi; the “bastardization of faith” regarding Catholicism and Evangelicals; and collusion between media and HRC.

There remains to see what else is exposed by these hacked emails.

Hillary has been programmed to respond with lies to questions, lies regarding situations and events EXCEPT for her collapse at the 9/11 Memorial.

She has spent 30+ years preparing for the presidency and yet she needed an additional four days to prepare for the first debate and an additional three days to prepare for the second debate. She is programmed to spew the precise words, programmed to stare, make facial expressions and even programmed when to smile on queue. She has the one liner and nasty criticisms down pact. Nothing, absolutely nothing is spontaneous or a genuine well-thought-out response that she can claim as hers.

Her true colors are apparent when she feels the cameras are not on her. Take the incident with Bernie Sanders’ supporter when Hillary yelled at her and shook her finger into Bernie’s supporter’s face. Take the conversation she had with other attorneys regarding the rape of a twelve-year-old child and was heard laughing at the fact that she was successful in plea bargaining a sentence for her guilty client. Or how about the fundraiser where she made the statement that Trump supporters are a “basket of deplorables and irredeemable”, or calling Bernie supporters “losers” or “basement dwellers.” She has a name for everyone, including her supporters (ill-informed and apathetic).

What about all the WikiLeaks’ revelations thus far?

  • Hillary’s campaign staffers are exchanging emails which degrade and disparage Catholics and Evangelicals. Yet Hillary says she’ll protect our religious freedom. Unfortunately 55% of Catholics vote democratic. Wonder what they would say if they heard her camp characterize Catholicism as a “bastardized religion?”
  • Donna Brazile, DNC Chairperson, shared questions with Clinton campaign prior to town hall meeting with Sanders
  • Hillary states she opposes TPP but leaked emails reveal she dreams of a hemispheric open market with open borders—I believe a country without borders is not a country just as Trump states.
  • In the leaked emails Hillary states that the key to winning are ill-informed and apathetic voters (could this be what she thinks of Hispanics and Blacks?). She shamelessly panders to these groups when she needs a vote.
  • Leaked emails confirm the U.S. had personnel ready to go to Benghazi and save Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods BUT the Statement Department would not respond to the Pentagon—this confirms the facts as related by the Benghazi survivors!

Note: Colin Powell states in an email that “everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

  • Leaked emails show she states privately no fly zones in Syria are possible but publically tells us she recommends no-fly zones.
  • At a Global Business Travelers Assoc. $225,000 paid speech, Hillary told her RICH audience that terrorism is not a national threat. She went on to state it would not endanger our economy or our society. This was shortly after the Boston bombing (admitting terrorism is an inconvenient truth for Hillary).
  • At a $400,000 paid speech Hillary admits Muslim refugees cannot be vetted yet she is calling for a 550% increase in refugees to the U.S.
  • At a $265,000 paid speech, Hillary stated her goal was to have universal healthcare (similar to our VA system where thousands of our vets are dying). Regarding the VA Hillary has stated there is nothing wrong with the system. She should ask the families of those who lost loved ones waiting for medical attention at the VA.
  • At another Goldman Sacks paid speech Hillary said “she as far removed from the struggles of the middle class because of her and Bill’s fortunes.”

Is this the person we want to be our president: one that can’t be trusted; that will say anything to get elected; that will say one thing in private and the opposite to the American people; and of greatest concern is that her words and actions do not have the best interest of our country and the American people in mind.

Although I do not condone what WikiLeaks has done, I am grateful that Assange has exposed the deceit, corruption, greed and unquenchable thirst for power that permeates every cell in Hillary’s body.