Take It To The Next Level and Commit Suicide

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Author: Barbara Carrasco

TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL and commit Suicide….
OR DOWN A NOTCH and save ourselves

This has to be the saddest and most destructive election cycle I’ve ever witnessed. Rather than argue the issues, Hillary decided going into the first debate that this election would be decided in the gutter, in the thick ugly mud.

Hillary decided that this campaign would be about character assassination, destruction of another human being no matter the cost, families are not a factor. She waited until the last moment of the first debate to bring a former Miss U.S.A. into the campaign. This was her clarion call to every woman out there whose ever seen Trump, come in contact with him, been in the same room with him to “please stand up, please stand up” oh, and disregard whether or not your story is true.

Since then we’ve learned through documents either obtained through a FOIA request or released by frustrated FBI agents that want the truth to be known that the FBI, DOJ and the State Department met behind closed doors. The collusion was to have the FBI reclassify documents sent and received by Hillary to non-classified. In this nonstop nightmare we’ve learned that not only is money fungible, so are the highest offices in our government!

Yet despite everything we’ve learned about the lies, deception, collusion and insatiable thirst for power, there are millions upon millions of Americans who would rather take this cancer up another level than treat this malignancy by holding these politicians accountable for their actions and take it down a notch. I’ve yet to meet a person with widespread cancer who doesn’t want to do everything to save his/her life.

We have a cancer in our government, a challenge before us. Are we going to be stuck on stupid and allow mudslinging decide this election? This election is more than being “personally” offended. This election is about keeping our “republic.” Our government has poison running through its veins and if we don’t treat the poison we will no longer be a republic.

Most frightening, we have a Manchurian candidate running for office. She’s had thirty years of programing to spew out phrases, sentences, events and display her knowledge on queue when specific words are uttered. We have no idea who’s doing the programming. She’s bought and paid for by foreign countries, lobbyists, special interest groups, Wall Street and her 1% cronies. During the first debate she had a blank look on her face starring into the cameras then suddenly she regained control and came back to reality. I am puzzled as to why neither the media nor Trump campaign has mentioned this troublesome momentary mental freeze!

With these facts before us, are we going to take it to the next level and commit suicide? Will we willingly and knowingly remain in denial that our government no longer represents the people?

Or will we take it down a notch and preserve what is left of a once great institution and get with the business of rebuilding our political infrastructure?

It’s up to us, the voters. Let’s not be distracted by the circus.