Needy Latinos and the Manchurian Candidate … MIA

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Author: Barbara Carrasco

Needy Latinos and the Manchurian Candidate … MIA

Hillary Clinton has done it again. She popped up for the third debate, had a rally or two afterwards, broke the law in North Carolina by showing her face at an early voting polling place to politic, and now she’s MIA!

What is going on? Is this a Michael Jackson scenario? Does she get anesthetized every night? We really need to question why the sudden short appearances then the long absences. Could be she’s scheming with PACS to disrupt Trump rallies, or with the media which have become her “lap dogs.” These same “lap dogs” enjoy being roped off at Hillary appearances; when she’s ready for them, they stand panting with their tongues hanging and salivating for the “bone” she will toss them to satisfy their anticipated treat.

I want to ask the Latino community a direct question: is this the person we really want elected? In her eyes we are “needy Latinos.”

She, along with the rest of the Democratic Party, manipulates the Latino community every two years. Are we following in the footsteps of the Black Community? For more than 50 years the Black Community has voted democrat. They have been a monolithic vote for the Democratic Party. Why? What has the Democratic Party done for them?

Hillary believes that welfare stimulates the economy. She will do nothing to lift them out of poverty. She will not improve education which will enable them to get jobs and finally have the ability to improve their economic outlook. Black leaders are now being vocal and honest regarding the Democratic Party.

It is with Trump’s campaign that they are now realizing the rich Black are getting richer at the expense of the Black Community. Many loyal Blacks are now abandoning Hillary’s campaign and voting for a candidate that promises change, true change. They are voting for a candidate that promises to do everything possible to lift them out of poverty. Blacks are voting for a candidate that promises to give them school choice, promises to give them an opportunity for jobs and an opportunity to climb out of the vicious cycle of poverty that their Democrat leaders have failed to change. Obama was to be their change agent and he failed the Black Community.

Is this the future of the Latino community? After all we are “needy Latinos” in Hillary’s eyes. Are we to become a mindless monolithic vote for the Democratic Party too? Are we going to be satisfied with welfare checks, government housing and all the social programs the Democrats offer? I am a proud hard-working Latina that will not accept that as my future or the future I want for my children and grandchildren.

Let’s not get caught up in being the stuck-on-stupid demographics that can’t think for ourselves and will allow ourselves to be led and manipulated by an individual (Hillary Clinton) that doesn’t represent our values, who has made the dollar her God and greed her master as we’ve recently learned through WikiLeaks.