Bill Clinton, Inc….another sham!

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Author: Barbara Carrasco

BILL CLINTON, INC….another sham!

Amazingly, with the email leaks (WikiLeaks) exposing the lengths the Clintons will go to for money, the Washington Post FINALLY, though late, saw the light! The Post refers to this deception as the Clintons’ “circle of enrichment.”

Now we know Bill Clinton had his own side deal going on with the Clinton Foundation aided and abetted by Douglas Band (owner of Teneo) his former WH aide. I use the terms “aided and abetted” because their actions, in my view, were criminal. Douglas Band referred to this sham as the “Bill Clinton Inc.”

As reported by the Post, emails indicate that while Douglas Band was working aggressively to expand his consulting firm, as well as securing donations in the tens of millions for the Clinton Foundation, he was also aggressively seeking paid speaking engagements for Bill Clinton that added tens of millions of dollars to the Clintons’ wealth. These paid speaking engagements occurred after Douglas Band secured millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation from corporations Douglas Band was successful in securing as clients. Douglas Band also describes instances where he secured consulting contracts from Clinton Foundation donors. This all transpired while Hillary Clinton served the American people as Secretary of State.

As if this wasn’t enough, Douglas Band was out there securing “in-kind services” for the Bill Clinton and his family. Douglas Band described these in-kind services “personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.” It is apparent taking money in a play-to-pay scheme isn’t enough for the Clintons that they want MORE perks! An important question would be: did the Clintons report to the IRS any of the “in-kind services” in their year-end tax returns?

Among Douglas Band’s clients that contributed to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bill Clinton for appearances, include Dow, Coca-Cola and UBS Global Wealth. Bill Clinton was paid $2M between 2011 and 2015 for appearances before UBS in which he appeared alongside President George W. Bush. The article doesn’t indicate whether or not President Bush was paid for his appearance. This would be a great question for President Bush. UBS also paid Hillary a whopping $225K for a speech in 2013.

I’m sure everyone remembers the suit brought by the IRS against UBS asking that they disclose the names of approximately 52,000 U.S. citizens with secret accounts in Geneva in order to avoid paying taxes. Wala, enter Secretary Clinton and a mere 4,500 names were disclosed to the IRS! Wonder how it was determined whose names would be disclosed. Perhaps the same process Hillary Clinton used in selecting contractors to rebuild Haiti after the devastation caused by the earthquake—Clinton crony, give them a contact; Clinton crony, can’t disclose this name–Shameful!

Not surprisingly, after the settlement Hillary Clinton brokered, UBS’s contributions to the Clinton Foundation rose from $60,000 in 2008 to $600,000 by 2014. The WSJ described Hillary Clinton’s intervention as “an unusual intervention by a top official.” Let’s call it what it is, pay-to-play! She saw an opportunity to line her pocketbook and didn’t hesitate in looking out for her best interest rather than the best interest of the United States. Cozy relationship between the Clintons and UBS don’t you think? What a tangled web the Clintons and their cohorts weave.

I’ve got to give Chelsea Clinton credit for shedding a light on this corruption. She initiated the audit of the foundation which resulted in Douglas Band submitting the memo defending his actions and outlining the sordid relationships among Douglas Band, his company Teneo, his clients, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and contributors to the Clinton Foundation.

Bob Woodard, one of the journalists that broke the Watergate scandal, recently stated of the Clinton Foundation “It is corrupt. It is a scandal.” I and millions of other Americans agree. The question here is where are all the investigative journalists? Where is the media? The answer to these two questions is the journalists and the media are too busy peddling Hillary Clinton to the American people that due diligence on their part is nonexistent.

Again, is this really the individual we want in the WH? An individual whose first instinct is ‘MONEY’ and how much she can make from any particular circumstance? Accompanying her at the WH will be Bill and his sham “Bill Clinton Inc.”

When is enough, enough? On November 8th let’s send the message we are tired of the corrupt Clinton machine, of the lies surrounding the Clintons, of their greed and corruption.

Let’s “DRAIN THE SWAMP” and return honor and dignity to the grandest office in the world.