Most Important Decision…Our Country’s Path Next 40 years!

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Author: Barbara Carrasco

Most Important Decision…Our Country’s Path Next 40 years!

On November 8th we will cast the most important vote in our country’s history. This election will decide the direction of our country. Will we continue on the downward spiral and corruption with Hillary Clinton at the helm or will we vote for an outsider that promises to “drain the swamp?”

We’ve learned that Clinton’s inner circle, as well as other prominent politicians have little RESPECT for the Democratic candidate. John Podesta, Clinton campaign chairman, has stated Clinton has “bad instincts” and “she stinks…smells like cabbage and farts and urine.” Imagine saying that about your boss. Huma Abedin has accused Clinton of “creating this mess and she knows it.” Referring to Clinton soliciting a $12M check from the king of Morocco before the Clinton Foundation would hold an event in Morocco.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell stated “everything Hillary touches she seems to screw up.”

During Obama’s bid for election he stated Hillary “would say anything to get elected and would change nothing.” That was a true statement in 2008 and it is a true statement today. Michelle Obama stated that “if you can’t run your own house you can’t run the WH.” That was a true statement in 2008 and it is a true statement today.

Hillary ACCEPTED MONEY from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Burnei. Qatar gave Bill Clinton a $1M birthday gift. Who does that and why? Hillary Clinton signed off on giving Russia 25% of our uranium then received $2.35M after the sale which was not publically disclosed. In Haiti the Clinton Foundation used only 10% of the monies contributed to the Clinton Foundation to rebuild Haiti after the earthquake that devastated Haiti.

We’ve learned that the SECOND IN COMMAND at the FBI, Peter Kadzik, had been relaying privileged information to the Clinton campaign regarding the first email investigation. Now we’ve learned he’s directly involved in the second email investigation and that he is a close personal friend as well as attorney for John Podesta Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. Earlier we learned the FBI, DOJ and State Department colluded to change the classification of specific Clinton emails. This is collusion at the highest level of government with the Clinton campaign.

We know the Clinton campaign believes Catholicism is a “backward” faith and is a “bastardization of faith.” We know they believe voters are “basket of deplorables,” “irredeemable,” “ill-informed and apathetic voters,” “needy Latinos” and “super predators.”

Donna Brazille shared questions in advance of a town hall meeting with Hillary Clinton AND Clinton had NO PROBLEM CHEATING!

FBI just disclosed it is 99% likely five foreign enemies HACKED Hillary Clinton’s secret server. It’s also been disclosed Obama communicated with Hillary Clinton on the secret server though he said he was unaware she was using a secret server. It is being reported that the FBI will seek an INDICTMENT barring any intervention (Loretta Lynch, Obama) against Hillary Clinton.

If you were asked to grade Hillary Clinton on character on a scale of 1 to 10 what your grade be?


Donald Trump wants to repeal and replace OBAMACARE which has killed jobs and the promises made to us regarding our doctors, plans and lower costs have all been prove lies. Premiums were to go down but we just learned premiums are going up as they have each year since the plan was enacted. In PA up 53%, NC 40%, MN 59%, NC 19%, AZ 116%, TX 25% and the list goes on and on. Some people are paying PREMIUMS HIGHER THAN MORTGAGE payments and millions have opted to pay the penalty.

Hillary Clinton wants to double down on Obamacare.

Donald Trump wants to cut TAXES to grow the economy and create jobs.

Hillary Clinton wants to raise our taxes THEN she wants us to pay higher wages! Does that make sense? It is apparent she has NEVER worked in the private sector, owned a company, signed the front of a paycheck or seen the impact of taxes on employees’ paychecks. She doesn’t understand you can’t squeeze blood out of turnip!

Donald Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA and promises to put American workers FIRST when negotiating contracts involving jobs. He is against TPP. He believes in fair trade not free trade agreements that are a jobs’ one-way street out of the U.S. He aims to put America first.

Hillary supports NAFTA and states TPP is the “golden standard.” Again, she has no idea what it takes to create jobs and keep jobs in the country. Hillary Clinton, along with other prominent Democrats believes food stamps and unemployment benefits stimulate the economy.

Donald Trump wants to take REGULATIONS that hurt jobs off the books. He states for every new regulation he will take two off the books.

Hillary Clinton wants more regulations. Again, she seems to be clueless that more regulations kill small companies and enables large companies or corporations to get larger. Small companies do not have the resources to pay lawyers and accountants to assist them wade through all the paperwork each regulation brings with them.

On IMMIGRATION Donald Trump wants to modify the H1B Visa program which takes our jobs and hands them over to foreign workers. Unlike those who cross our southern borders illegally, these individuals are well educated, speak English and highly skilled. Annually, 500K individuals on an HB1 Visa overstay their visa thereby rendering them illegal in our country. These individuals are in addition to the 1M who come into our country legally and those who cross our borders illegally. Donald Trump also wants to build a wall to protect our borders and the sovereignty of our country and proposes to suspend immigration from “terror-prone” countries.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand dreams of a borderless world and open trade. Both will destroy jobs and our country will be unrecognizable. She also wants to increase the number of refugees entering our country by 550% knowing that we are unable to vet those refugees and knowing that ISIS has stated they will infiltrate the refugee population. She has acknowledged that there is no way to vet these refugees but again she has doubled down on a bad policy.

Donald Trump wants to restore respect for our LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Hillary believes that is an “implicit bias is a problem for everyone not just the police.” Her knee jerk premature reaction to violence is immediately to resort to the issue of “racism.”

Donald Trump believes CHANGE can only come from outside our broken system. He wants to set term limits on Congress and the Senate. He promises to “drain the swamp.”

Hillary Clinton promises more of the same: corruption at the highest level, collusion at the highest levels, absolutely no checks and balances in the WH, and finally she will promote her pay-to-play scandals from the State Department to the White House!

Donald Trump will appoint SUPREME COURT Justices who will respect, defend and enforce the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton’s view is that the justices do not have to defend and enforce the Constitution, but rather have real life experience and know how the world works. Her idea of Supreme Court Justices is based on her agenda and has nothing to do with the Constitution.

On the issues if you were asked to grade Hillary Clinton on a scale of 1 to 10 what would your grade be?

LET’S STOP THE ONE-ISSUE VOTE, put the emotions aside, and look at the future our children and grandchildren will have with a liberal supreme court. We teach our children the importance of respect, integrity and honesty. We should expect nothing less in a President.

Do you want to vote for a president that one day we will be watching in amazement on the program “American Greed.”