The Banana Republic of the Un-United States

All elections have winners and losers. Most of the time, although the losers remain distressed about the loss, for the most part they either abandon their fight or come together for the greater good. That has been the history of the US for most of its history. As a matter of fact, the United States loves to tout its orderly transition of power. Although the transfer of power from Obama to Trump and Democrats to Republicans was accomplished, it has been anything but orderly. There will always be protests but the intensity of the protests after the inauguration of Donald Trump as president have created history.

A banana republic is a term used by US politicians to disparage Latin American countries. The term is based on the notion that countries dependent on one export, like bananas, is a failed state. The disparaged country was looked upon as a poverty-stricken country where the ruling class lorded over the others. Some of you reading this believe Mexico is like this. Oppressed populations lash out, especially when a new government is imposed upon them by taking to the streets in protests. Many authoritarian governments allow some measure of protests as a means of releasing population pressures in order to allow them better control over their subjects.

Donald Trump argues that he represents the people. His surrogates often resort to arguments of a dishonest media, fake news and, now “alternative facts” when the facts do not fit the narrative that Trump is a popular president propped up by the majority.

But recent events show that Donald Trump is now the leader of a “banana republic”.

Let’s go through the evidence:

Trump has made creating American jobs his top priority. He wants to do this by forcing companies to build manufacturing plants in the US, instead of in other countries. If he is successful, Trump will close out foreign imports and create a US economy based on exporting limited commodities to other countries. What country would want to buy US products when it can’t afford to because of the high-priced cost to make them and from a country that closed off its borders to them?

That is test number one of a banana republic – relying on limited exports.

Test number two is having class system in the country – usually a political class subjugating the rest.

Donald Trump himself has stated that his other priority is to “drain the swamp” of an entrenched political class in Washington. Trump himself has told you that you are an oppressed citizen being ruled over by an oligarchy.

So, now let’s look at test number three – an impoverished working class.

This one is easy because Donald Trump has argued that he needs to bring back jobs to the country because the working class has been decimated by China and Mexico. Trump is arguing that the impoverished working class needs him to lead changes in Washington.

Interestingly, banana republics have the common thread in that they are offshoots of the colonial powers of the 20th centuries. The United States rebelled against Britain, one of the better known colonial powers of the era.

Another trait is the influence business conglomerates have over the country. As evidenced by Trump’s own drain the swamp rhetoric and the financial devastation caused by Wall Street excesses that led to the 2008 financial crisis; there is no doubt that conglomerates, that have yet to be held accountable, have kept US workers impoverished.

But, the most obvious example of the Un-United States Banana Republic are the numerous nationwide protests against Donald Trump that started this past weekend. The millions of marchers are the clearest examples of why Donald Trump has transformed the United States into the latest banana republic.

However, what continues to surprise me the most is that the most visible Donald Trump supporters are the conservatives and nationalists that up until Donald Trump hijacked the US democracy, would have been horrified to consider that arch-enemy, Russia may have interfered in the US elections or that the US is being transformed into a banana republic.

I don’t get it.

Maybe it’s because I’m too stupid to understand the “alternative facts”.