One thought on “RumpToon No: 23

  1. The H1B is abused the US government, US employers and the employee. It is the dog chasing its tail.

    The US government provides visas and school grants for a foreign student to attend college/university. The program is to enhance a better understanding of the US and aid to the foreign country.

    Sounds good. The student gets an education if they overstay, disappear in the US. If they return to their country, they wait for the US employer to tender a job based on the premise that there no qualified US citizens. Code for lower wages and benefits than a US citizen.

    Now you wonder if you and the H1B person attended the same education program, equal experience, etc. Why can’t you get hired for the same position just given to the H1B person ? There no qualified US citizens, WHAT ?

    Possibly some unknown qualities? Well, the cycles starts again. We provide visas and grants to enhance …………In the meantime you can’t get a job !

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