The One Thing No One is Talking About on the Firing of Comey

Almost all of you have been talking about the sudden firing of James Comey as the director of the FBI. Both sides, those that support Donald Trump and those that dislike him, remain focused on the appropriateness of Trump firing his FBI director. The fact remains that James Comey works at the pleasure of Trump, whether we like it or not. Was the timing wrong? Was it related to Russia?
Those are questions that are consuming everyone and we likely will never get a satisfactory answer to those questions. That Comey is only the second FBI director to be fired, Bill Clinton fired one as well, does not help in answering the questions.

However, there is one thing that I believe that is important to note.

Everyone is talking about Russia-gate and some have compared the firing to Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre. Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox during the ongoing Watergate scandal. The two are unrelated because Cox was specifically looking at wrongdoing into the Nixon administration, as a special prosecutor, while James Comey was leading the FBI which has many pending cases open, some of which involve the Trump administration.

It is tempting to compare Nixon and Trump but in this case, there is only one thing that the two events have in common – Deep Throat. Officially, James Comey was fired by Donald Trump because Comey had committed acts that resulted in the loss of confidence in the institution of the FBI. The offending acts, according to Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, are the public statements made by Comey regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

However, the underlining narrative emanating from the Trump Administration into the Russia scandal is that the investigations should be focusing on the leaks of sensitive information instead of the allegations of collusion between Trump team members and Russian officials.

Clearly, the leaked information has given rise to the Russian allegations.

This is what bring us right back to Deep Throat.

Deep Throat was the pseudonym of an individual that was the source that leaked important details about the Watergate coverup that allowed Washington Post reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, to expose Richard Nixon’s shenanigans that led to his resignation. For many years, the identity for the whistle blower remained hidden behind the pseudonym of Deep Throat until he revealed himself to Vanity Fair in 2005. Mark Felt, the acting associate director of the FBI which, at the time, was investigating the break in of the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee by five men connected to the Nixon administration.

Felt believed that his investigation into Nixon was being hampered by the White House and other federal agencies, like the CIA. Later it was revealed that FBI interview reports were being given to the Nixon administration by Patrick Gray, the acting FBI director at the time.

For three months, the FBI investigation found no evidence connecting Nixon to the five men caught breaking into the DNC. The Nixon administration insisted that it was not involved in the Watergate incident. Mark Felt was determined not to let the Watergate affair be buried and thus he started confirming or denying, as necessary, confidential information about the Watergate investigation to Woodward. Eventually, outraged at the Nixon White House cover up, Felt started to actively provide Woodward leads and exposed the conspiracy to him. By doing so, Mark Felt was betraying his promise to keep confidential information secret.

Today, Mark Felt, is applauded by many for his courage in betraying his responsibility to the FBI for the good of the country. Because of the mounting pressure from the news media, Richard Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974 and upwards of 30 Nixon officials were convicted or pleaded guilty to various crimes.

What Mark Felt aka Deep Throat has proven is that sometimes it is necessary to betray an oath for the good of the country. What the United States needs today is a modern-day Deep Throat willing to put aside politics to expose conspiracies that are detrimental to the country.

At this point we do not conclusively know whether the Trump administration or close advisors colluded with the Russians. A Deep Throat could expose it, if it exists.

As much as many draw up similarities between Watergate and Russia-gate the only thing that truly connects the two is the president demanding to know who is leaking details to the press.

Is there a Deep Throat ready to serve the country today?