Donald Trump Supports Terrorism Through Fear

Donald Trump is a purveyor of fear and as such he encourages terrorists. ISIS and radical Muslim terrorists have only one goal – it is to disrupt our way of life through fear. They are fighting against us, those of us that value diversity, enjoyment of life and the welfare of our fellow men, because they want to impose their distorted belief system upon us. The radical Muslim terrorists are fighting an asymmetric war against us using fear as their only weapon.

Asymmetric warfare is fighting between two, or more waring people where one of the belligerents does not have the warfare capabilities of the other. There are many examples of asymmetric warfare in history. The Bible’s parable of David and Goliath gives us an example of asymmetric warfare. The 9/11 terrorists are also another example of asymmetric warfare, as well as the American Revolutionary War. Radical Muslim terrorism is often portrayed as Muslims against Judeo-Christians as this makes for nice quick soundbites, but in reality, it is nothing more than a group of malcontents who are trying to impose their revolting belief system upon the rest of us.

Their only weapon is fear.

Trump’s continued attempts to impose his travel ban does nothing to protect the nation, but instead empowers the radical terrorist by magnifying their only weapon – fear. The recent terrorist attacks in England were an attempt to instill fear on Great Britain. Ariana Grande’s concert, in response to the Manchester bombing, took the fear out of the terrorists’ arsenal and instead converted it into unity and the repudiation of the terrorists’ intent on conquering by dividing people with fear.

On the other hand, Trump’s Sunday tweet to the mayor of London, in response to the London Bridge attacks, encourages fear and thus empowered the terrorists, which is their goal.

Understanding that fear is their only weapon makes it important to understand that to defeat ISIS and their ilk can only be accomplished through unity and the dismantling of their only weapon – fear.

Apparently that simple fact is too complex for Donald Trump to understand.