The Repeal of ObamaCare in Facts

Let’s focus on nothing but the facts today. Donald Trump was elected on the notion that he was an expert negotiator. He was also elected on the notion that he was going to shake up Washington politics – clear out the swamp was the battle cry. Donald Trump ran on the Republican ticket. There are 52 Republican senators in addition to the vice-president who can break ties on votes at the Senate. The Republican battle cry, since ObamaCare was enacted, was repeal the legislation at all costs. These are irrefutable facts.

It has now been 167 days since Donald Trump assumed the presidency. Like the GOP, he promised you that ObamaCare would be repealed. But it hasn’t.

Trump blames fake news, the dishonest news media and the Democrats. Sometimes he even includes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in his litany of excuses. The House has passed the legislation to repeal and replace ObamaCare leaving only the Senate to draft and pass legislation that can be reconciled with the House to deliver the promise of repealing ObamaCare, the most visible promise to the voters by both the Republicans and Donald Trump.

Facts – such a nuisance.

There are 52 Republican senators. It only takes 50 of them to agree to repeal ObamaCare. The vice-president would give the Republicans the majority, but only if there is a tie. Trump needs either 51 votes or a tie with 50 votes to repeal the healthcare legislation.

Donald Trump is an expert negotiator.

Yet, 167 days into his administration, ObamaCare is still the law of the land.


The Trump surrogates will give you all sorts of excuses, mirroring Trump’s war against the news media and the Democrats. All of them, including Trump, conveniently ignoring the pesky facts that the GOP owns the Senate.

What happened?

The answer is simple, the electorate was duped into voting a lie into office. The voters were duped with flashy words of wisdom, and doom and thunder all masking the reality that they voted an unqualified individual to make the United States the laughing stock of the world.

How’s that for making America great again?