Trump Tweets Hypocrisy

The Donald Trump administration is actively seeking leakers of classified information that various news outlets have been using over the last few months to expose Trump administration shenanigans. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that his department has active investigations and more are to come after Donald Trump publicly humiliated Sessions into opening leak investigations from the White House. The Trump administration is working overtime to stop the embarrassing leaks.

Trump and his underlings have decried the leaks and demanded that they stop. But, like everything else with Donald Trump, “it’s a do as I demand” show rather than do the right thing. Case in point is an early morning tweet yesterday from Donald Trump reposting a Fox News tweet about North Korean anti-ship missiles being loaded on ships.

The problem is that the Fox News account is both based on anonymous sources and on classified information. Even his ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, decried the classified material in the Fox News report. But Donald Trump saw no problem with retweeting the Fox News report.

That is the epidemy of hypocrisy.

Either Donald Trump treats his office seriously and applies the rules and laws equally among everyone or he stops pretending to care about doing the right thing by ending the tirade against leakers.

It is against the law to share classified information without authority. Trump has already leaked classified information to the Russians. Although under the law Trump can declassify any information he wants to, the fact that he released it to the Russians at the White House remains a leak by the common standard that Trump did not declassify the information beforehand. His surrogates argue that the fact he gave it to the Russians was within his prevue to. However, the Israelis objected because it was their intelligence that Trump released to the Russians. Clearly Israel saw it as a dangerous leak of classified data.

Although Trump and surrogates can make the case for the Russian leak at the White House, the same cannot be argued about Trump’s retweet of the Fox News report based on both anonymous sources and classified information.

The fact that Haley decried the information demonstrates the hypocrisy inherent in Donald Trump which trickles down towards the bottom of his surrogates.

It is that hypocrisy that many people object to about Trump and why many resist his presidency.