Bob Moore Quits, Or So He Says

As you all likely know, Bob Moore is leaving the El Paso Times next month. Moore says he is making way for reporters to stay on at the newspaper. But, I don’t believe so. As some of you likely know, my blog is the direct result of Bob Moore. Specifically, it is my belief that Bob Moore directly targeted me individually at the behest of Ray Caballero, Jose Rodriguez and Eliot Shapleigh. You see, the three amigos had embarked on a plan to eradicate Mexicans from the face of El Paso through downtown redevelopment and I was in their way.

I wasn’t even aware of the attempt to eradicate Mexicans from the El Paso scene at the time. I wasn’t even aware that in El Paso there are two standards, one for the well-connected and another for the rest of us. As a matter of fact, I was disconnected from the political scene.

I was a small businessman looking to enter the U.S. market through El Paso. I had recently returned to North America after living in Europe for a few years and I wanted to grow my business by opening a U.S. market.

All I wanted to do was build an Internet empire at the time people thought the internet was AOL.

So, I launched a website, a place where people could vent about anything. It was platform for expression. Today, it is Facebook and blogs, but back then I created the first blog for El Paso politics. I also created a place – a forum – where people could vent. People vented about all sorts of things, but mainly the political undercurrent and the lack of journalism in El Paso.

Ray Caballero didn’t like it one bit when his underlings and plans for downtown redevelopment were being exposed by people who knew about them. Caballero and cohorts were especially bothered by the fact that people were exposing Larry Medina for his corruption.

Yup, that’s right, everyone knew that Larry Medina was corrupt, except Caballero and Bob Moore, or so they want us to believe. The facts were laid out on my forum but rather than investigate them, Moore and his paper decided to shut me down by targeting me with one of their “investigative” reporting features.

Larry Medina was the criminal and people were learning about it through my forum. That bothered some powerful people in town who wanted to reinvent El Paso on your dime.

Bob Moore unleashed his intrepid lapdog, Daniel Borunda, who wanted to win a Pulitzer by exposing me as a Mexican intent on breaking all the laws to claim ownership of the political scene in El Paso. Borunda, with Moore’s blessing, and with lack of all journalistic integrity set upon trying to manufacture a crime for me.

Daniel Borunda contacted me under the guise that he wanted to write a piece on my little company. Borunda acted as if he was going to write a piece about how I was revolutionizing through the internet, before the internet was revolutionary. Before Facebook.

While everyone knew that Larry Medina was corrupt, Bob Moore was protecting him by attacking me simply because he was directed to by Ray Caballero, protégé to Veronica Escobar. Of this, I have no doubt, although Moore is likely to deny it.

Nonetheless, in the end, because of my experience at the hands of Moore’s corruption, I set out to create what is now my blog.

In the newspaper’s article announcing Moore’s departure, you might note that it has no byline. Instead, it is attributed to the El Paso Times staff.

Since when does a reporter not wanted to be attributed? It is either because they are being threatened by the drug cartels or because they know what they are reporting is obvious fake news. I strongly lean towards fake news.

The article insinuates that Bob Moore is leaving to make room for others as the money dwindles in the failing newspaper. But, like everything else surrounding Bob Moore, fake news abounds.

I have it on good authority that Bob Moore attempted to get a job in Santa Fe and he was not hired. Seeing the writing on the wall, it is my belief that Bob Moore is pretending to make room for others instead of waiting to be fired.

Regardless, this is not the first time Bob Moore leaves the newspaper only to return to make it worse.

The scam of El Paso downtown redevelopment took a break when Moore was gone. When he returned to the El Paso Times, the scam of downtown redevelopment was back on the table. This led to the ballpark and is now the reason for Duranguito.

I bet, Bob Moore ends up on Veronica Escobar’s public payroll in the near future and/or he shows up at the El Paso Times again to lead the corruption efforts of the city.

So, spare me the fake news of Bob Moore leading the effort to clean up EPISD of its corruption while leading a newspaper that missed the corruption of Bob Jones and the numerous other public corruption scandals in El Paso for many years.

After all, everyone knew Larry Medina is corrupt to the core, but Bob Moore felt it more important to shut me down than investigate the ample evidence exposing the deep-seated corruption in El Paso. Imagine if Moore had investigated Medina instead of protecting him by attacking me? How many corrupt practices could have been averted saving, you the taxpayers, lots of money. Poisoned Pawns did not happen in a vacuum, it was protected by Bob Moore at the behest of the people raiding your tax dollars for playgrounds for themselves.