The Bumbling Trump

Even at my best, I couldn’t make up stories about The Bumbling Trump, because, well, because Donald Trump beats me to the punch by trying to be presidential. I’m shocked that more Trump supporters aren’t embarrassed by the absurdity that is Donald Trump. It’s like Donald Trump is out trying to destroy himself, without even trying! The latest case in point is the misspelled tickets issued by his government to his own State of the Union address.

Think about it, Donald Trump is desperately trying to correct the disaster of his first year in office. Yes, yes, I know about the greatness of the economy thanks to Trump. I can’t argue that the economy is better now than it was before. It is hard to argue against the tax reform that has companies bending over backwards to kiss Trump’s backside. Whether Trump’s economy proves to last or it comes crashing down is yet to be seen. But what is not in dispute are Trump’s lackluster (that’s a little too nice) polling numbers and the low-esteem held by many across the globe about him. Yes, I know he played nice in Davos, but that’s not too hard with an audience that values money over everything else. See the point about the economy above.

The State of the Union address was supposed to be his opportunity to shine. To prove naysayers, like me, wrong.

As a media mogul, Trump must surely understand that presentation is everything. You must make a good impression to be taken seriously. Spelling matters. Leaders take charge by leading the organization to greatness.

But not Donald Trump. To him it’s all about being kissed in the ***, um, backside.

He wants to Make America Great Again, but somehow, he keeps missing his target.

That’s assuming that to Make America Great Again doesn’t require the ability to spell correctly. Maybe I’m giving Trump voters too much credit. It is possible that to Make America Great Again means making America dumb.

I mean, what’s the difference, “uniom” or union, it’s just one letter.

I guess mediocrity defines the Trump administration, if his underlings can’t even take the time to spellcheck their tickets before printing them up.

(Anyone bother to ask how much it cost the taxpayers to correct that mistake?)

Yes, I know, it was the Sargent of Arms that made the mistake. But that’s like saying the ship’s captain isn’t to blame for the ship ramming into a cargo ship. You’ll note that the Navy wasn’t having any of that, it relieved the captain of his command for the failures of his underlings.

That’s leadership.

Making the Navy Great Again means holding everyone accountable, from the top to the bottom.

Trump, on the other hand, keeps bumbling his way through his presidency, from one chaotic moment to another bombshell and on to Melania abruptly cancelling a trip to Davos with her husband Trump to hightail it to the spa. It’s as if, the Trump administration can be summed up as nothing more than a “stormy” sideshow in America politics.

Making America Great Again means, well, apparently it means nothing because the bumbling Trump keeps getting in the way of making the country a better place for all.