Are Robots Next?

There are many Donald Trump supporters that are under the belief that keeping Mexican immigrants out of the country will somehow bring wages up for American workers. There are others who believe that building The Wall will keep jobs in America. And then, there are those that believe that ending NAFTA will save America jobs. What all these people are missing is the inconvenient fact that Americans want their high-paying jobs while paying low prices at the grocery stores.

The problem is not immigrant workers willing to work for less. The problem is the American consumer who wants its cake and eat it as well. It doesn’t matter whether Trump succeeds in building The Wall or that he ends NAFTA. The jobs are gone and more will be lost. That’s a fact.

Here’s a little dirty secret the Trump Kool-Aid drinkers aren’t willing to acknowledge, Mexican immigration has been declining since 2012. It is unlikely to increase again. Why? It is very simple – the Mexican economy has been growing because of NAFTA. Yup, NAFTA, for all its faults, has accomplished its primary goal, grow the Mexican economy to allow the labor force to stay in México. But, hey, don’t let the facts hit the Trump voters square in the face because they are so deep into the Trump mystic that “fake news” is all they listen to.

Here’s another inconvenient fact, Trump voters and Americans, in general, love to pay cheap for things. Walmart is huge, not because of excellent service, or products but because their prices are cheap – at the expense of the workers. Yup, the workers pay the price for cheap goods.

But, they still fall for the Trump mystic that he will wave a magic wand, and all will be great again.

Sadly, all will not be great again. The Carrier job losses show us what will happen next.

As Trump continues to demonize immigrants, and near sided politicians continue to impose idiotic minimum wage schemes as public policy, the Walmarts of America aren’t going to jump on board and offer more jobs and raise wages. Nope, they’re going to bring in robots and automation to lower their costs by eliminating jobs. Why?

Because, you the American voter, believes that high wages and low prices can coexist.

Don’t believe me? Have you noticed the ordering and paying kiosks at your local Burger King, or McDonald’s? They aren’t there for your convenience, they are there to keep prices low by keeping workers off the payroll.

Next, you’ll see a manager. i.e. programmer, alone at the McDonald’s ensuring the automation is working at peek performance – cooking the burgers, assembling the salads, as you order, and pay via the kiosk on your way to the delivery shoot spitting out your meal.

So, what then? What are the American voters going to demand next, once that reality sinks in?

Are robots the next to deported?